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Hi I'm Patrick Smith

I'm someone who grew up wanting everyone to be happy. When I was young I had a choice on my religion, and so now, I'm a Mormon

About Me

So I have always felt like I'm an average person. I have spent a lot of my time doing all sorts of activities. I love playing soccer and lacross. Also, I love William Shakespeare and being a part of Theatre. I'm an eagle scout and I love the outdoors. I have loved looking for things that I am good at and having fun. I feel like a Jack of all Trades at times. I think what I like most about life though is people. As long as I am in good company things are great. I love getting to know others and having a good laugh. I went to Southern Virginia University for 2 semesters, playing lacrosse and taking part in a Musical. Also, I am interested in martial arts, MLG, writing books, and just trying to be awesome and make others smile.

Why I am a Mormon

The story of why I am a member of this church is rather important to me. I usually find myself lost in thought when I think about it. It all started with my parents. My parents met and fell in love as many do. At the time they were both Catholic. It was about the space of two weeks after their marriage that things changed. My father stopped over his friend's house for what was suppose to be a two minute visit. At the same time two Mormon missionaries were knocking on doors. They felt as though they should keep knocking on a few more doors even though it was close to their curfew. These Elders got to the door that my father and his friend were behind. They knocked, and my fathers friend allowed them to enter as a joke. About a half an hour later they felt baffled with all the things these Elders knew about God. Both were converted and baptized soon thereafter. However, my mother did not join the faith. So fast forward about 14 years later. I was born, the youngest of 4 children. I had two older sisters and then one older brother. I would not say my home life was unstable, but often there was tention. My sibilings and I were all given the choice on which religion we were to join. It did not take long for us decide. We all chose the Church of Jesus Christ. We had yet to fully understand, but I am glad I made that choice. I planted seed which I would soon need later. As a teenager, I questioned everything. I wondered if I chose the right faith or if faith even mattered. I made mistakes, I alienated friends, I had a hard time. I for a time tried to abandon God and I hated my life. It wasn't until I was in High School and realizing my doubts and bad habits were going to be the end of me. So, I prayed, I prayed very often, I began reading the Book of Mormon. For the first time I really read it, with a full heart and truly looking for guidance in my life. I learned for myself that my initial decision was right, I found through Christ all my mistakes could be made clean.

How I live my faith

I have always loved working in the church and with other members, all of which are my friends. It is amazing to see how much is possible when people are called to work together. One of my most favorite opportunities in the church was to help organize youth activities for the churches in our area. We were to plan what the activity would be, where it would be, how we would accomplish it, and all sorts of things. We had dances, service projects, and different kinds of overnight activites. Being young and planning to help out those younger than me helped me grow and feel more responsible. I needed to be a better example and I tried my best always to help other people. Later on I was able to serve as an assistance to my local church leaders. I did many things like coordinating appointments and making sure everyone was informed on activities or their responsibilites. Now I am doing something a little different. Some people see us walking or biking in the streets. We wear shirts and ties with a name tag bearing the name of Jesus Christ. I am currently a full time missionary. As of this moment I am serving in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, I am waiting for my visa to serve in Cuernavaca Mexico. I love teaching others and inviting them to hear the Gospel. Also, I am extremely excited to travel to Mexico and help those who are looking for the truth in their lives.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

Patrick Smith
Our life has a purpose, because God has a plan for us. This plan involves us become more like our Father in Heaven. We are here to learn right from wrong. We are here to grow and gain experiances through the troubles and joys of life. Its a lot like school, God sends us here to learn instead of letting us play all day at home. He wants us to grow and learn to be responsible that we might have the greatest happiness attainable which he enjoys. Also, he has given us a family. We have the opportunity to live eternally with our families. We can live with them forever, if we listen to the teachings of God and live by his standards. Our Father in Heaven knows us and he knows that through this life we can learn to be happy and find strength in his love. Our life is one of learning. We came from living with God to live on this earth to prepare to meet him again. If we but do our best to learn of him and love him by keeping his commandments we will live with him after this life. Show more Show less