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Hi I'm Dave

40% IT Executive, 40% dad, 20% ski bum, and 100% Mormon.

About Me

I have been married for 18 years and am a dad to four children ages 5, 9, 12, and 15. My hobbies include reading, building zip lines, snow skiing, all-season whitewater kayaking, racing catamarans, scuba diving in warm climates, riding motorcycles, and paragliding. I am the Chief Information Officer of a conglomerate that includes an NBA basketball team, a minor league baseball team, and 75 other businesses. Previously, I spent 10 years at software startup in executive roles overseeing software engineering and product development, client and professional services, company operations, and IT and corporate systems. I have also worked in leadership and technical roles at several other startups, financial companies, and government organizations. I have an undergraduate degree in Economics and an MBA specializing in Information Systems. During my career I have lived and worked in Los Angeles, Des Moines, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Madrid, Spain.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised as a Mormon in my youth and like most kids I took my spirituality and belief system for granted. In high school my best friend was African-American and I began having a difficult time explaining to him (and to myself) why people of color had been denied temple blessings and the ability to serve in leadership roles until recent years. In college I used this crisis of faith as an excuse to slowly distance myself from the LDS church altogether. During the year I was away from the church I was more miserable than I have ever been before or since. It's hard to explain how different my life was on my own without a spiritual anchor. At first the changes were small and hard to notice, but the more I lost the Holy Ghost and my connection to God the more I started turning into a person I didn't want to be. Instead of becoming every day a little more like Jesus Christ, I was becoming every day more self-centered, selfish, and abrasive. One day two Mormon missionaries knocked on my door and it reminded me of all the things I had lost in my life. They helped me realize that God gives us lots of reasons to believe in Him, but then throws in one or two doubts about things we can't fully understand right now so that we can make the choice to take that leap of faith and choose to believe. Since then I've felt and seen numerous evidences that God is real and this church is true and I can't believe how close I came to throwing it all away. I choose to be a Mormon because I read the book and asked God if it was true. The feelings I had in that moment, and continue having to this day, are undeniable. I have gone out of my way to listen to and meet leaders of several faiths and nothing has come close to being in the midst of the Mormon prophets and apostles. I know they are exactly who they say they are and I can't deny it.

How I live my faith

I try to live my life like Jesus Christ. He rarely criticized but looked for the best in people so I want to look for the best in people. He forgave people who hurt him so I want to forgive people that hurt me. He stopped to help and serve people who were sick, hungry, naked, and hurting emotionally so I too want to strive to uplift and serve the people that I come in contact with every day. I take a few minutes every day to read the scriptures with my family. We try to say a family prayer together every morning and every night to thank God for each other and all the blessings we have. I don't drink or smoke or take drugs so that I stay in control of myself and I know that my family and everyone else around me is always getting the best from me. I don't know a lot but once in a while I get to teach what I do know by giving a talk in church or teaching a class. I've had a few leadership callings in the church and over the years I've taught classes for young children, teenagers, and adults. But my favorite calling is being a home teacher and special friend to a couple of different families in my ward. What starts out as an assignment slowly turns into lifelong friendships that last even after the assignment changes or I move out of the area. As I get to know individual families much more than just on the surface and I see their daily struggles, hopes, and dreams I feel like I'm part of that family and I love them just as I do my own kids and parents. I think that's the way God wants it and I know our prophet is inspired.

How does the Church finance its operations?

Of all the ways God could finance His church, He chose one where church members play a central role. For me tithing is not only a commandment, it is a privilege. It helps me remember that God gives us all - our employment, our bodies, even the air that we breath - and only asks us to give back a small part. I have a testimony that church leaders do not use our contributions for personal gain or vain ambitions but to build up the church and provide for the poor. When I graduated from college we were in the middle of a recession with no jobs to be found. My income was zero so paying a 10% tithing on my income was no problem. I remember praying to God and telling Him that there was no limit to the amount of tithing I would pay if he would bless me with a job. I was willing to pay 10% of a little income or 10% of a big income, whatever He was willing to give me. I eventually found a job and have been paying tithing ever since. Show more Show less