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Hi I'm Cody

I'm from Idaho. I love the outdoors. I love my family. I have Crohn's disease, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love outdoor activities. I have a passion for alpine skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. I enjoy many other outdoor activities as well including snowmobiling, hiking, and camping. I also enjoy music, mechanics, computers, and family time. Right now I am serving as a full time missionary for 2 years. I love the great opportunity this is to share the gospel with many people. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2007. As a result I have faced some very difficult hurdles. I would never wish Crohn's disease on anyone, but I have been blessed with this trial. I am very grateful for how this trail has helped me to truly develop who I am. God places trials in our path for a reason. We learn and grow through our trials in a way that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I know that this church is exactly what it claims to be, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was born into a family that is active in the church. As a result I have gone to church ever since I was an infant. However, I have developed a testimony of my own. I am currently serving as a missionary and I wouldn't be out here sharing this with others if I hadn't come to know of it's truth for myself. I developed my testimony the same way that others develop theirs, through study and prayer. The prophet Moroni promises us that we will receive a spiritual confirmation of these things if we follow a simple recipe of study and heartfelt prayer. (The Book of Mormon, Moroni 10:3-5) The Plan of Salvation is another reason I'm a Mormon. This plan tells us where we came from, what the purpose of life here on earth is, where we can go after this life, and what we have to do to get there. My favorite part of the plan is the doctrine of eternal families. I've already mentioned that my family is very important to me and I live by the knowledge that we can be together as a family for eternity in heaven. This fact influences my life on a daily basis. It's one of the reasons I decided to serve a mission; I wanted to share it with others so their families could be eternal as well.

How I live my faith

I try to repent and come closer to God on a daily basis. I'm not perfect; I'm very far from perfection, but I do what I can to be the best that I can and when I do make a mistake I repent. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can be forgiven of our sins. As I've already mentioned I am currently serving a 2 year mission in Michigan. I am doing what I can to share this crucial message about Jesus Christ's church so that others can have the opportunity to repent and be forgiven of their past mistakes. Nothing compares to the feeling of true repentance. We don't have to carry the burden of guilt and shame that past mistakes give us. We are taught to "come unto [Him], all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and [He] will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28)

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Nature is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of evidence of God. I love being out in the mountains camping, hiking, biking, and other recreational pursuits. I love looking at the vast yet intricate creations that are here on earth and and also the vastness of the night sky. I look at these things and I know that none of this could have come to be this way by accident. When I look at nature I frequently have spiritual confirmations deep inside me that confirm to me that there is a God. That brings me to another thing that testifies to me of God's existance and his presence in our lives. When I feel the spirit testify to the truch of something, I know that it has to come from God. The feelings of the spirit can not be successfully conterfeit by anyone or anything. Nothing feels quite the same as a spiritual witness from the Holy Spirit. Show more Show less