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Hi I'm Glen Goodsell

I grew up near Washington D.C. I feel part of the "island of misfit toys." I'm a husband, father, entrepreneur. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a husband and a father. I've never felt I fit in. Truly, I can relate to the "island of misfit toys" which I have learned we are all a part. I grew up in a strong wonderful family on the east coast of the USA with roots to the south. I struggled with what I mistakenly felt was rigidity of faith and wanted no part. I love competition, sports, the outdoors and people. I play competitive tennis 3 mornings a week at first light and have learned it's about many different things - fellowship, fitness, passion, competition, art. I love the outdoors from surfing, backpacking, rock climbing, mountain climbing, fly fishing, etc. My life has been enriched by this passion. As a matter of fact hooking a large Steelhead on a fly rod may be one of many great thrills our planet has to offer. We have a sacred responsibility to preserve these things. What can be said about surfing. Most of us are intrigued when we watch a surfer ride, but to actually experience this is AMAZING! My love for the outdoors has helped launch me into my current business. I'm a business person. I love to compete. I own a design build contracting business that focuses on showing businesses how it pays to implement high efficient measures from and economic standpoint. The real by product is making our world a better place. I love my family we are unique. We have 5 children two (2) by natural birth and three (3) by adoption. These three are African American. I LOVE MY FAMILY!

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon. It's still hard to believe. I actually grew up in a loving home where my family practiced the Mormon religion. I struggled and walked away during my teenage years thinking I was missing out on my joy of playing sports and being free to do whatever I selfishly wanted. I have learned this was a mistaken view. I selfishly pursued what I call the "ME" mentality. However, there were good people who loved me regardless of my rude and selfish life style. I found my life being unfulfilled. I was in trouble often. Eventually, I hit a cross road. I could see the road I was heading was dark and an empty existence. I still didn't want to change. I remember the love and and example of parents, family and others. I had this blue book. I remember others sharing how this book had changed them for the better. I read this book. More than just read, I thought about it, I actually prayed about it which is exactly what the book says you can do and you will get an answer and know of it's truthfulness. That book happened to be "The Book of Mormon." CRAZY, but reality. I completely changed. I learned that life is not about self. I've learned that we have a loving Savior (Jesus Christ) who suffered and bridged any gap for each of us to become like Him. I pray. I pray for the ability to love all like our Savior. I have been blessed to look for the good in others and always find it. I believe in the power of HOPE. I can choose each day how I will attack life and that will be by faith and seeking the good, never letting the negative drag me down. Crazily, I chose to give up two years of my life and go to England to share my beliefs and serve my brothers and sisters. This would provide a platform for my life.

How I live my faith

I try to "look for the good in others." When you do, you always find it. I'm a husband, father, coach, provider, entrepreneur, Scoutmaster, neighbor. I do my best to see the good in people and life. One of the great blessings of my life was to marry an amazing girl. She and I have tried to live the "abundant life." To us this means pursuing the better part which most often means sacrificing your own personal comfort. We have been blessed with 5 children. We were able to conceive and bare two, but biology was unkind after that. We, especially my wife, had several years of heartache, but the Lord provided another way for us to have additional children. Miraculously, we were able to adopt 3 beautiful children each within days of their birth. These children happen to be African American. We are a rainbow family from red hair and fair skin to beautiful dark hair and brown skin. I have spent a lot of time in the outdoors, particularly with young people. I estimate I have backpacked over 3000 miles with boys and girls, mostly boys. I've seen these young people accomplish amazing things, not only in the wilderness, but in life. I love to share my passion for life and my love for the Savior with others. I often do this by inviting others to do something fun and likely something they haven't done. I love to surf, but it is even more fun to see another learn this joy. I love to fly fish. All my family has experienced this, but also every year a put together a trip where others travel to the water shed of Mt. Shasta, California and we are treated to the beauty of our world and the amazing art of fly fishing. I live life by the motto "While I breath I hope."

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

Glen Goodsell
I have learned that we have a sacred responsibility to work and share the fruits of our efforts. In the end what will really matter is not what we have done for self, but what we have done for others. My life has been enriched by the principle of willingly, lovingly, giving at least a tenth of our increase to help others. We have been blessed in simple and miraculous ways. I love this quote from Arthur Ashe (he was an African American tennis great, but truly a wonderful human being). "True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the courage to surpass others at whatever the cost, but the courage to serve others at whatever cost." Show more Show less