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Hi I'm Steve

I grew up in the United States. I study genetics, biotechnology, and German culture. I am a scientist. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I joined the Church between my junior and senior year of high school, and served a two-year family history mission. I am a scientist who loves anything related to biotechnology and genetics. I plan to go to medical school soon with the United States Air Force. I like trying new foods, no matter how bizarre. I have no fear when it comes to eating strange things. I love learning about other cultures. I love science and the Gospel, and the two DO go perfectly hand-in-hand. I love to collect coins, hike, and spend time outdoors. I love to learn new languages. I speak German and am currently learning Serbian. I love all of God's children regardless of their ethnicity or race. I also enjoy martial arts: I took karate for 7 years and am currently learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Most of all, I love furthering my education. Although I have never been out of the country, I really want to visit eastern Asia and work my way west until I reach the United States again.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up Roman Catholic, and then in middle school began to get into neo-Naziism. The poison of hatred became a part of my everyday life. I then became atheist for a few months. Later I was agnostic because I realized that I did not really know if there even was a God. One day my sophomore year of high school I found a Book of Mormon at a local bookstore and bought and read it. Reading the story of King Lamoni and his father's conversion permanently chased out every drop of hatred that I had for my fellow human beings. I was filled with a love so un-describable for the people I had once hated so much, that when I prayed about the Book of Mormon in February of 2007, and got my answer, I repented of all I had done. I remember crying unto the Lord for forgiveness, and offering Him all of my sins so I could be clean before Him. I remember saying in a prayer that evening, "God, if thou would make me, a white boy, even half as righteous as the Anti-Nephi-Lehis, a dark-skinned people, I would be forever grateful." To this day I do all in my power to keep the Lord's commandments, and always openly accept new commandments into my life when I find them, as part of my promise I made to God when I gained my testimony of the truthfulness of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I attend Church for the full three hours every Sunday. I attend the Temple at least once a month. I read the from the Scriptures (Bible, Book of Mormon, D&C, and Pearl of Great Price) every day. I do all in my power to keep God's many, many commandments and am grateful that I do. When I learn of a new commandment, I accept and keep it openly. Whenever I mess up, I repent and move on right then and there. We are all fallible human beings and mess up sometimes. I fulfill my Church calling to the fullest, which is providing an activity, snacks, and spiritual thought for several college students every Monday evening. I share the Gospel with my non-LDS family. Whenever someone needs help, I help them. I do whatever it takes to make people feel happy. I served a two-year family history mission from August 2010 - to August 2012. I further my education as much as possible, and will always continue to do so, so I may be of more help to my fellow human beings. I take the greatest joy in knowing that I made someone's burden lighter. I also fulfill my home teaching duties, where I visit several college students once a month and give them a spiritual thought, see if they stand in need of anything, and help them of whatsoever it is that they stand in need.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

I am a scientist. I study microbes of all kinds as a geneticist and biotechnologist. Just as we know that a computer was designed by man by looking at its programming and chips, etc., I know that God designed the universe by seeing how cells work like computers. I love how there are enzymes and cellular machinery, each with its own purpose and function. I love how genes code for proteins which help produce specific phenotypes. The same can be said about how the planets move, and how all the laws of physics and gravity works. I can say that by knowing the little that I do about physics, that no accident could have resulted in such order. Disorder cannot beget order in any way. Although there is disorder all around us, there is also some order, and that could not be had a Creator not designed everything. Being well-educated in the field of biology, I know that evolution was used by a means by God to bring forth life. In fact, no science testifies of the existence of God more than evolution testifies that there is a Supreme Creator who loves his creations. I am so grateful for my knowledge of the Scriptures and science, so that I can no be afraid when something new is discovered. Show more Show less