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Hi I'm Brent

I joined the US Air Force in 1986 and retired in 2006. I'm a self-employed father of 4 who Loves the Constitution, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the owner of Great American Network and provide security camera systems around the world, and in the Winter time I enjoy snow plowing. I love to help others. I love my family and have two daughters, one married and one served a mission in Taiwan, and two sons, still in high school and middle school. I was Scout Master for the Boy Scouts of American and play TAPs at Veteran Funerals because I became a bugler when I was a scout. My boys will soon become Eagle Scouts and bring me so much joy in their accomplishments. I am an Eagle Scout. My favorite thing to do is provide service to others and spend time in the Temple's around the world. I love the freedom's I was born with and the ability to live from the labors of my hands. I believe we are all created in the image of God and have great potential. There is nothing we cannot do with a small amount of effort. I love to swim, play soccer, and wish I was closer to the Utah ski resorts as skiing is my favorite hobby. I started skiing at the age of 7 years and love nothing more then skiing through a few feet of Utah powder. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and look forward to someday meeting him in person. He has saved my life so many time or given me warnings through the spirit in times of war, everyday life, and to keep me out of harm.

Why I am a Mormon

Again while working the summer on the Salmon River in Idaho I was blessed with the ability to save my boss from falling 150 feet to his death. The Lord gave me strength to lower him at 250 pounds to safety after he accidentally cut his climbing rope. I came out of this with a major rope burn on my back, but with gratitude for his safety, and the strength I had received. In the September 1979 while driving home from work at midnight I had a blow-out, of both my front tires, while driving at 55 mph on a bend in the road my car started to roll side over side down the mountain with the flashing of lights and watching the ground come around time after time. It was then that I heard a voice say as clear as ever "Brent, your falling out of the car get back in" as I saw the ground coming up fast I realized I was halfway out of the window. As I put my right arm forward hitting the ground I felt at this moment as if someone grabbed me by my right leg pulling me back into the car, as the roof of the car smashed my right arm. At this time I uttered the simple pray I learned as a child from my mother "Please God" and with this simple phrase the car stopped, upside down and a few feet from a large irrigation ditch. So much happened over the next two weeks that affirmed to me that God loves me and Jesus is my Lord and Savior as I received a priesthood blessing from my father who holds the Melchizedek Priesthood. I was promised that I would not lose my right hand, even though the doctors said they would have to remove it to save my life. Throughout my life I continue to be spared and protected by his angels and simple still small voice of the Holy Ghost. I know the only way to solve all of the problems in the world it to love as Jesus Christ loved us. Be willing to stand for what is right, testify of him, and be willing to die for light and truth. It is my prayer that you will listen to the missionaries, read the Book of Mormon, and ask God. I promise he will answer your prayer.

How I live my faith

I served as a Scout Master in my local ward and love to see the boys learn and have the opportunity to teach skills I learned throughout my life. I love to share in their experiences and watch them grow to love their Savior Jesus Christ and fellow men more then themselves. I love to see them in the Temple and teach each other in their weekly activities. I find when we teach one another we learn more and also show forth love by taking the time to help each other. My family history goes back to the beginnings of the United States of America. My family members left Europe and England in 1650s. They fought in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and more. They joined the Church years in Kirtland, Ohio in November of 1830 and new the Prophet Joseph Smith. My family walked the plains and buried loved ones at Winter Quarters and established our homes in the valleys of Utah. With this said, I still needed to learn who Jesus Christ was myself. I would say I have always had a testimony of Jesus Christ, and have enjoyed his protection though out my life. When I was 16 years old and driving home with my mother I fell asleep while driving and we drove off the road. As I reacted to get back on the road, I remember my mother crying out to my Heavenly Father with a simple prayer "Please God" and with these words the car came to a complete stop on the side of the road facing the oncoming traffic. My favorite scripture reads "The Glory of God is Intelligence, or, in other words, Light and Truth. Light and truth forsake that evil one" (D&C 93:36-37). I know if we always seek light and truth we will never fall into the traps satan has waiting for us and we will always win the battle between right and wrong. I know the Sprit will always guide us away from harm.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

I believe because of Jesus Christ death and resurrection all man will be resurrected because of his grace and ultimate sacrifice. It is through our love for him and works we can become more then just immortal through his grace but can share in Eternal Life in the presence of God and share in all that he has. Show more Show less