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Hi I'm Beki Arend Knott

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Let me introduce myself to you!

About Me

As a child, I constantly drew pictures, and as I got older I loved artworking so much that I found myself in high school, working for a store in our town called "The Big Apple,” and I was a professional commercial artist after graduating from high school. I went to Riverside Community College, took commercial art classes, then to UC Riverside. There, I realized I enjoyed academic work too. I took an extra year of study in the Theater department, and performed in plays and musicals. I helped out in the costume department and took classes in costume design and tailoring. At 12 I began designing and constructing my own clothing so was able to expand those skills in those courses at the University. Academic work continued to attract me, so I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in 1986 at 39 years old. During my college years I had been married and had 2 children, Jeremy and Michael. Michael passed away after being struk by a car when he was only 9 years old. That changed my life and affected every choice I made after that. My Jeremy was only 3 when his brother passed away, so for another 37 years I only had one child. He also has passed away...two years ago. I worked for a bit as a Christian Family Counselor, and an Arborist, as a Professional Photographer, which I did while working for Olan Mills Portrait Studios as an Area Manger in the San Francisco Bay Area. I also held an Insurance license and worked as an agent. Now I am retired.

Why I am a Mormon

I was bIessed to be born in Utah, and through no acccident I am a Mormon. I am a child of Pioneer heritage on both my Mother's and Father's sides. I have done a significant amount of researching of my family histories and amblessed to be a Mormon because I was born into the culture. To gain my own testimony, I have studied all of the scriptures. As a youth, for four years I attended Seminary which gave me a wonderful understanding. I researched this Church and I found it to be the true Church of Jesus Christ, restored on the earth by Joseph Smith. I witness to all who read these words that this Church is true and right, and it is the path back to Heavenly Father. I will see my family some day, if not in this life then in the next life. The only way to do that is to accomplish all of the assignments as they are presented me by my Savior, through church leaders and through my understanding of the scriptures. I love to study the scriptures. For many years my calling as a Family History Consultant in my ward taught me so much. I love helping others with their family history work. If I had not been born in this church I hope that one of my friends would have told me about it. I usually mention to friends that being a member has made my life full. There was a time in my young adult life decades ago when it was hard to get to church because I lived so far from a Church building. I always believed the Church was true, but during that time I learned what life would be like without having it, and life became so hard and so difficult I could hardly bear it. When I finally moved closer so I could attend regularly I found friends in the Church and am very grateful to them for all they have done for me. I am so blessed to have been for a long time in my life when I was healthier and able to regularly attend and serve. It is such a blessing. Still, I am astounded by the greatness and wisdom of our prophets and church leaders who serve us and teach truths.

How I live my faith

For most of my adult life, I have I tried to understand what is expected iof me by asking my Church leaders, offering my time and expertise to the Church, I helped people when I found out they needed help but now I also am blessed to be in a position to receive help from others and am grateful for them. I am a visiting teacher and i believe in that calling. I believe the callings of visiting and home teaching are the fundadmental parts of the church, because I have the opportunity to make and keep good friends that way, and as a single sister I have the Priestood in my home when I need it by calling upon my Home teacher. In no way do I think I am perfect. I have failings and I try to be a better person each time I see something else I could be doing to be better. I see others in my ward who I admire and try to learn from them. I try not to be judgemental because that always backfires on me. There are so may good things to learn at Church I try to do as many of the good things as I can. At home when I am alone and still, I pray. In the car when I drive I pray. When I have to go to the Doctor I pray. I’ve been chronically ill for years now and am grateful for the sweet help I receive from my Ward Family. Life can be made so much easier to understand that Christ wants me to be happy and that Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to grow and improve in spirit, and through attendance at Church and calllings we can be better persons. It has been a struggle being ill but when I can, I attend, and when I am ill for a long stretch, the Bishop sends the Priesthood to my home so I can take the Sacrament. The adversary wants all of us to feel like failures and he approaches us in the dark and he tries to take our faith away. When I bring myself into the light the adversary falters and cannot continue to harm me. Though I have experienced loss of health and family, I still am held dear in the hands of Christ.

What is faith?

Beki Arend Knott
Faith is defined as a “hope for things which are not seen, which are true.” Faith is knowing truths which comfort me at all times. In my patriarchal blessing, I have been given the blessing of faith. It comes naturally for me, it is easy for me to know that Christ is real. It is difficult to desdcribe this feeling, but it is a good feeling. Faith is an active verb. It needs nourishment and exercise to grow. I have exercised it in my life, and my Heavenly Father has been with me, has sent me a Comforter, and the knowledge that Jesus Christ is my Creator. Show more Show less