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Hi I'm Deborah

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in Memphis. I love children and had some schooling for a daycare worker.

About Me

I am a mom and a proud grandma of six. The youngest are twins. I love to write, music of all kinds and try to play my keyboard. My favorite thing to do is take lots and lots of pictures. Also to feed the Missionaries and send notes to the members who are absent from Church or letters of encouragement. I am single and I love going to the Temple! The Temple is my favorite place to be and wish I could go more often. I love arts and crafts. Sometimes I have a good imagination as I create things like birthday cards etc.

Why I am a Mormon

Let me start out by saing how much I love the Missionaries! If it weren't for them and Heavenly Father sending them to me I wouldn't be here. My first experience in meeting anyone from the Church was in 1994. I loved having the Missionaries over to eat and their lessons even though I didn't understand it and thought some of it was just crazy. However I had always wondered what happened to those who died before hearing the Gospel and now I know. They came into my life again in 2009. They showed me love,compassion and showed me that I was somebody and there was still hope for me although I couldn't see that. I was a most depressed and hopless person then. I finally did what they asked me to do and prayed and read the Book of Mormon. I invited the Spirit of the Lord and inquired of Him if the Church was true and the Book of Mormon is true to show me and He did. I asked and He answered me. I sought and I found the truth. I knocked and the door to the gospel was opened to me. It wasn't hard to accept alot of things because of some earlier experiences I believed in Prophets and knew they were for today. I knew enough about the Bible to compare it with the Book of Mormon and discovered it to be the hand and the Book of Mormon the glove. They complimeted each other. So when I deceided finally to do right.I got baptized October 31,2009 and have been here ever since and I am not going anywhere! I love going to the Temple! Couldn't go if I were not a member of the church. I may have given up a few things,but giving them up has brought to me blessings beyond measure(and I'll live longer). I have found a purpose and meaning for my life and a better direction in which to travel. I want to live in such a way that I may be able to live in the Celestial kingdom with Heavenly Father and his Son,my brother,savior,redeemer and friend,Jesus Christ. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ-Amen

How I live my faith

I attend Church every Sunday and attend all the meetings we have. I pay my tithes every month even though sometimes I am tempted to not pay them because my income is so limited. I must say that because I am obdient and pay my tithes cheerfuly and voulentarily I have been blessed beyond measure. I pay them because I want to,not because I have to. I study the Scriptures and not just read them. There is a big difference in reading and studying them. I have dictionaries to look up words I don't understand. Most of the time I can find them. I pray and give my testimony at the Fast and Testimony meetings. I will gladly do whatever the Bishop ask of me without complaining. I don't have to understand everything but I do under stand that my life has a meaning and purpose to it now and I live each day like it does. If I have something my neighbor needs, I gladly give it to them. Sometimes all they need is someone to listen and a shoulder to cry on. I trust and have faith in the Lord that I will have the things I need and He will supply and He does. I am not without food,clothing,or shelter. I try to be involved in the activities we have and will help clean up without being asked. I like to greet everybody at church,especially visitors to make them feel welcomed.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

The Bible tells us that there shall be prophets on the earth until that which is perfect has come(Jesus Christ). He has not returned at this time (the Second Coming of Christ) and until He does we shall always have a living prophet with us to give us instruction on things that will help us live a life more acceptable to the Lord. One of the talks Thomas S. Monson (our living Prophet) gave was listening to and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I have learned to pay closer attention to the still small voice when it tells me to do something or not to do something and it keeps me out of trouble and blesses me in a such a great way when I listen. I had a friend that died recently and I was meaning to call her and I didn't get around to it. The day that I was going to call her it was too late. Should have listened. Another time some of my friends were trying to play matchmaker and wanted me to get with some one but I would not and I am glad that I paid attention this time because he started back drinking. Thanks to our prophet I have gotten lots better. He is a man who walks close to the Lord, a holy man, and I believe like the prophets of the past, God uses him to guide and lead us in the ways of the Lord. If we pay attention our lives will be a lot better and will have a better chance of living in the Celestial Kingdom once again with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I say this in the name of our Lord,Jesus Christ. Show more Show less