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Hi I'm Ray Howard

I was born and live in California, USA. I enjoy photography, especially the beauty of God's creation. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have always enjoyed nature and the beauty of God's creation. Camping has been part of my life when I was a young child with my parents. When we had the time our vacations with my wife and children sometimes included camping. A joy was when my three sons reached the age to be Boy Scouts and I was able to camp with them. I also was able to serve in the Boy Scouts as a leader and enjoyed many campouts in various places with a group of boys. This love of nature was able to be combined with my love of photography. Photography is the ability to stop time and create a moment of life, either it be how a person looked at the time of the picture, or an animal, or a landscape. It is the ability to create what you, the photographer, saw at that moment. It is the ability to capture an expression, an emotion, a mood. It is a way to communicate in a language every single person in the world can understand, regardless of any spoken language barrier. In landscape photography the best light is early in the morning just before the sun rises and at sunset. Some of the most serene times in my life have been alone in the country after my camera was set up waiting for that moment of perfect light - enjoying the welcome of a new day, or bidding it good night. There have been moments I have not been able to capture with my camera as I had seen it, but when I look at what I captured the vision of those moments return to my mind.

Why I am a Mormon

I am an attorney by profession. This is a result of an inquisitive mind. I attribute this attribute to why I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The search for understanding and truth has brought me to a spiritual comprehension of Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, as a result of manifestations by the Holy Ghost. So many people have unanswered questions about our nature and the purpose of life. I have found the answers to these universal questions through His gospel as given to prophets who have left the Word of God and their testimonies in writing and prophets who are providing His Word now. Perhaps, the greatest result of this inquisition has been the joy it has brought by knowing the truth and having knowledge of my Creator. I was introduced to the Church by my parents when I was very young. As I got a little older my family stopped attending church and having any outward religious observance other than a blessing on food. As I was ending my teenage years I felt a desire to turn to God. That desire lead to reading the Book of Mormon for the first time and praying to Heavenly Father. The spirit I received from reading that book and when praying gave me a greater conviction to learn more about God and to put my life in compliance to the laws of happiness and joy. As I associated with members of the Church and continued to learn and pray I was opened up to a way of life in which God wanted for me live. This was a way of life that brought satisfaction to not only me, but to those around me. The greatest way to live your life is in a manner which not only provides happiness for you, but provides happiness to those you associate with. The greatest association you will have in this life is with your family. My immediate family consists of a wife, five children, and some grandchildren. As I have matured in life a greater understanding of the principle of truth that the greatest joy you can receive is with your family.

How I live my faith

There are many things that make The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints unique. This uniqueness is manifested in how its members worship subjectively and objectively. How we worship God in our closets can sometimes be observed by others in how we worship in public. Christ explained, "by their fruits ye shall know them." Knowledge of other's hearts can in most cases be determined by the service they provide to others. One unique attribute of the Church is that from youth to death all members of the Church are provided the opportunity to serve their fellowman. These opportunities are mostly provided as God's will, not by election or qualification. I have been able to provide service in the Church in many ways I was not qualified for, and did not make application to procure the position. I have taught young and old the gospel, served as a missionary in the Philippines, administered programs in the Church, and has had various leadership roles for both the youth and the adult. I have administered to the sick, have provided succor for the weary, have feed and clothed the poor and have visited those in prison. I most likely would not have been involved in these activities if it were not for my association with the Church. These opportunities would have not come into my life without the Church. Perhaps, the greatest manifestation of worship is how you do it in your home. Reading scriptures and praying together as a family has brought many blessings into my family's life. It has taught us how to treat each other with respect and love. It has provided refuge from the world for my family and a time to reflect on life's events, problems, and how to face adversity in our lives. Most importantly, it has provided eternal security of the family unit with a knowledge we will be together forever.