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Hi I'm Joseph Ruben II

I grew up in Fiji , I love singing,dancing and sports.I served my Mission in Fiji , Im a Socializer and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Dedicated and diligent , is probably to words that could describe me at this time. I currently attend BYU Hawaii studying Computer Science. I love Hawaii thats for sure. I served my Mission in the Fiji Suva Mission in the South pacific. I am a Indian born in Fiji. I come from a family of 5 brothers and NO sisters and yeah its kinds hard on my mum handling 6 boys in the family. I am privileged to be called to the homeland to serve to my people and learn the language because i don't know Fijian. I grew up like any other teenager, wild and so hyper. Apart from school, I spend most of my time singing and dancing in our ward group, we dancing nearly all the Polynesian dances. As any pacific islander/Polynesian I love dancing and singing, its like my way of expressing my spirit and sharing the essence of it thereof. I also love sports. I play baseball, volley ball and soccer...and currently learning more..so yeah kinds a all rounder i guess. if there is something that im really good at is ...well i have a way of turning sad moments to joyous one. I have made many friends that way and would love to make some more. keeping the spirit of sharing and love is worth keeping than anything else. Sharing the message of the restoration of the Gospel brings that same love , the love that heavenly father and Jesus Christ has for us, his children.

Why I am a Mormon

WHY AM I A MORMON. Tough Question?. Not really. I was born with the faith of my mum and so i was brought up in the gospel ever since i came into this world. I'm a 3rd Generation Latter Day Saint , My grandfather was the first ever. My mum bought me and my brothers up despite my dad being a non-believer.He was an Indian following his Indian custom until no later than 6 years ago When 2 couple missionaries taught my dad, My mum was surprised to see that because normally be would just walk out or just go somewhere, but he didn't . He was baptized and despite all the challenges he had with his family and friends, work, bills , he never gave up . Now he is a member in the bishopric. His life is an example to me . I'm a Mormon because i know that this is the true church and because i have gained such a strong testimony that even i cannot ignore. Ever since i was baptized, i didn't have a testimony of my own, always relied on my mums . Growing up i knew that serving my mission would help my preparation and at the same time strengthen my testimony. It eventually became a 9 year dream to serve my mission, be endowed in the temple and be sealed with my family. I am living my dream . I didn't wait for my road to Damascus because i don't need something tragic for me to change. When we have a testimony, we know what is true but being converted by the spirit ...you will be continually be true to what you know.and that is the knowledge that heavenly Father and Jesus Christ wants us to know. I'm proud to be a Mormon because I'm glad that i will live with my family again. I'm grateful that I'm guided under proper authority to become a that great leader that Heavenly Father wants me to be. Being Mormon is a blessing , whether people love it or hate, i know , I have been rescued. Im glad that i am part of the great work that brings salvation to individuals lives.

How I live my faith

Living by faith is when we accept Jesus Christ and his teachings. My ward back in Fiji, I always try my very best to have Christlike attributes that helps me to grow in obedience and respect towards my heavenly and the Gospel Teachings. Life is not the sweet cake as some may think of. There were some detours in my life that i took , the outcome of which i was not proud of, but it gave me valuable lessons and thanks to teachings that i have been taught, im back on the road visible in faith, determined by hope. I served in different leadership positions in church and school , I have learned that only through hard work can all things be possible. My faith is tested , everyday of my life and i know that the more its tested the more i grow. Like any father, They don't want their children to be always spoon fed each and every information. Fathers want their children to stand own there own two feet one day and become what they are destined for. Heavenly father has blessed me and my family so much that experiences in life has built our faith on the rock of Our Redeemer. I know that hard work and determination with hope will build our testimony and faith , I know this to be true because i am a living witness of this doctrine. Now, as a missionary of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, i decided to share this message and bring into his fold , the lost sheep. Testimony is something we know to be true, being converted by the holy spirit helps us to continually be true to what we know. I have decided to feed that wolve that would bring to pass that conversion and happiness and joy that i need,but being beware of that other wolve that is waiting out in the hall way of your life, waiting for you to make a mistake. I know that through the holy spirit and with much faith , i have achieved so much blessing my life. D&c 88:77-80 is what i need to do 2Nephi 32:3 Is what i have to do and D&C 82: 10 is the blessing prepared for us if we choose to follow

What are Mormon Temples used for?

Joseph Ruben II
Why are temple even here.... i tell you why ...so we could save our precious ancestors who have passed the veil without knowing anything about the restored gospel. A place called the SPIRIT WORLD is made as a resting place for spirits. Those who have accepted the gospel and lived a worthy life earnea place called paradise in the spirit world. THe other half how ever is called the Spirit Prision where those that reject the gospel and are not baptised by someone holding that special authority from god, but what about those ones that lived a worhty live and wasnt baptised because they didnt know about the gospel in the first place...WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM. THE TEMPLE HAPPENS. We as anscestors to those people have a duty to save them in the eternal covenant of the lord in his house the temple. The temple is the only thing on earth today that binds families FOR ETERNITY, not death us apart but life after death. WE as members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints focus on families more because families is on of the blessings Heavenly father has blessed us with . Eternal families have that have lived worhtily , sealed in the temple for eternity will leave together after this life. DONT YOU WANT THIS BLESSING TO RAIN OVER YOUR CHILDREN , YOUR PARENTS. YOUR ANCESTORS ..YOURSELFS. lets not wait anylonger ..... Show more Show less