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Hi I'm Suzanne

I'm honored above Angels, as God Himself sought to call me as a Mother! The most wonderful, perfect design in Life is Motherhood.

About Me

I grew up with musical instruments, opera, the wild, wild west country living where people don't run to courts and lawyers...heck, there weren't any there. Just one Sheriff for 4 counties. We read our bibles, hiked up mountains, played Cowboys & Indians...and I fell in love with Radio & Television when I hit the big city in my teens. I became a successful Broadcaster, enjoying life in 3 of the top ten Markets in the Nation, worked as a Character Voiceover Talent for kid's cartoons, and even taught the Business of Broadcasting! How lucky is that? But deep inside my soul, all I really wanted was to be a Wife and a Mother. Always, a Wife and a Mother. The Motherhood Blessings I've known are vast and I can think of no greater thing to tell you about myself...I love spending time with my children, developing the sweetest & most natural relationships in Earth or in Heaven, and sharing their day's events, their dreams, hopes, and even straining to come up with some Motherly words to aleiviate their fears. I like reading & writing, playing poker (for diet coke), hanging w/my girlfriends and I love putting demos together for a brighter hope. I lived in Mexico on & off and am fluent & bicultural. I was nicknamed "Motor Mouth" as a kid and - I do like to tell a good story. But I also have a "Rant & Rave" quality about me that just may frighten some more hermit-types away. I never shy from a Curmudgeon. I'm also in recovery.

Why I am a Mormon

I first met the Mormons when my mom married one, which was bad because my dad was a preacher for the Church of Christ and so was my mom's dad. My uncles too. But one day, this girl in my Jr. High was beating me up on my walk home after school...pushing me into every single rose bush along the 2 mile path. I knocked on the elderly missionary's door and said I'd like to talk. Sister Stone said, "Well, I just made cookies" and that's how it began. When I heard about Eternal Motherhood, Eternal Family, the Temple, and when they told me that God loved me! ANd plus, said I was a Child of God! Wow. I then witnessed how kind the children were treated in church when I went w/the Stones. Then, people began asking me to babysit their kids and I got to learn how to be a Mom from these women who changed my life & my hope. I was already battling addictions at 13, but believe had I not been baptized then, I may be dead today. I'm a Mormon because the Church saved my Life...more than once. I'm a Mormon because I simply know the Celestial blessings promised upon worthy living are inevitably to actualize. And I'm a Mormon because it is the Only way of Life I could see myself raising my children. The Church taught me how to love and to laugh and to hope and to dream....How to live.

How I live my faith

I began living my Faith when I took a calling to serve a Mission at the age of 24. From there, I witnessed lives changing and dreams building - alongside the painful lifetime processes I saw perseverance in young people whom I hadn't known before my mission. I profess, I had a difficult time living my own Faith of Choice as I returned into the world after my Mission, but I continued to strive for living well. The Word of Wisdom is a Way of Life that speaks to my Testimony of the revelation God continues to pour out upon the very people who find living well so elusive. I attend Church, by virtue of the sweet service of sisters in my Ward I am uplifted and carried - no matter how heavy the load on my back. I live my Faith when I pray, and when I find a soul to talk with about the Gospel message. I have lost almost every thing that a Woman/Mother can lose - but through the scriptures I find words of comfort, through the example of my strong sons I find hope as they serve Missions, and through the sounds of the sadness that broken family life brings to the heart, I find that the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only sound that can bring a peaceful, calming hope to the baby girl I love so dearly....as I love her brothers too. And through extending a Faithful approach, I still breath life and live as Free as a Woman in my situation can. I live my Faith by kneeling down to God...not man. And I am learning how our Righteous Priesthood works effectively. Mothers around the World - I reach out to hear their stories and share with them my Faith. I cry to them sometimes too...but that let's them know that All the Faith in the World doesn't discard the Human factors this estate brings. I attend my Church's 12-Step Meetings and find camaraderie and love, and my Faith is strengthened.

What is being a Mormon like?

I'm sure being a Mormon is different depending on where you are in the world. It can feel downright dangerous in the deep South, where the Bible is the ONLY Word - and preachers often use a public forum to point out the misconceptions that simply have yet to be dispelled...My dad was a Preacher and I know this firsthand. One must maintain composure and face a lot of their fears when they're Mormon in certain areas. I find being a Member of the Church, "Mormon", to be of comfort. It is also motivational, and a great way to get or stay out of trouble! "No, I can't do that! I'm a Mormon!" (hee,hee,hee) The best thing about being a Mormon is that there is direction in my life... Show more Show less