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Hi I'm Chris

I'm a Haggis eating Scotsmen, an Atlanta Falcons Fan and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a 30 years old, typical Scotsman. I am married to my Karen and we have 6 kids. The oldest is the only girl, after that we have 5 rough and tumble boys!!. We live in a very small village in the North east of Scotland, this is great for the kids to just be kids!! Karen is a stay at home Mum and i have the easy Job of going out to work every day. I am currently changing career from Demolition Worker (breaking buildings) to a Network Engineer (getting computers to talk to each other). I live to think I am sporty but seem to be more of a sport watcher than taking part lately, I recently feel in love with the NFL, but also enjoy Football (soccer) and Martial arts. Currently working as an Intern as part of my Honors degree as an IP Engineer, coming from a very manual background i never knew how tired you could get from a desk job!!! Recently got myself a Motorcycle licence and a Motorcycle, my family think its an early mid-life crisis but you can't beat 2 wheels for getting through traffic.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in a family where I was taught good morals and ethics but we never had any religious background or beliefs. I think saying we were atheist's would be a bit strong more humanist probably. I had never heard of a Mormon or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints until I made friends with a friend of our neighbors. She was a Mormon and this intrigued me, maybe for the wrong reasons but i suppose this is what led to my conversion. I would constantly ask questions and sometimes scoff at the answers, this is when my friend asked me and 2 others to meet with the Missionary's from her church who she felt could answer my/our questions better. I thought great what a fantastic opportunity to get a captive audience to "wind up" and maybe even slightly mock this new religion I had discovered. After going through the motions of trying to prove these Missionary's wrong, one of them connected with me and he basically threw my brash comments back at me as a challenge, to see if the Book of Mormon was true and if Joseph Smith was a Prophet. They asked me to read parts of The Book of Mormon and pray about it and Joseph Smith. The Missionary told me to go away and read whole heartily and ask for a answer to my prayers. This I did, and although I did not receive any massive spiritual event, I felt something and was unable to deny that what i had been taught was the truth. I later learned to recognize what i felt as the Holy Ghost. I then opened up to being taught properly by the Missionary's, and agreed to be Baptized. The night of my baptism I started to get cold feet, was looking to back out but when my friend who was to baptize me spoke to me i felt better but still a little unsure. We entered the font and he baptized me, it was the witness i received form the spirit straight after being baptized that gives me strength when times are hard it is that burning in my chest and the overwhelming knowing that what I had just done was exactly I was suppose to do.

How I live my faith

I like to think of myself as a fairly active member of my church, I like to get involved with activity's and do service by helping other people out if I can. I have never been a great reader of doctrine, I do enjoy it but I certainly prefer to try and be as Christ like as I can by being active in supporting people and working hard at my calling within the Church. A calling is when you hold a position in Church, its an unpaid service. Almost every member of my unit has a calling of some form, non more important than the next as they are all required to enable the unit to function properly. I currently serve as the ward mission leader this involves working closely with the Missionary's fro mour unit and trying to teach people about our faith who want to learn more. My greatest calling is my family, the Church puts a big emphasis on putting your family first then building up our Church family. My Wife and Daughter both serve in the youth program in our Church and they love to get involved with the girls they get to be around as part of this calling. The thing I love about The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that its a teaching church, for everyone. People are taught in a way that is right for them, at all different levels from those trying to find out about the Gospel right to ,well any level you want really there will be someone will to teach or discuss a point with you. I had to make a lot of changes to my life style when i joined the Church but I think it is only now i truly appreciate how faith and obedience set you free. I have seen my life without Christ in it and with him in it and having him carry me and hold me when times are hard is for sure a lot better than trying to do things alone.