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Hi I'm Dave

I work with ex-cons and recovering addicts, who, I've found, are mostly pretty great folks -- children of God.

About Me

I'm recently re-married to a wonderful woman, Kathy, with three grown daughters and two grand-doggies). I have four grown sons, two granddaughters and two more grand-doggies. We're anticipating a couple of our kids' marriages, and hoping for more grandchildren soon. And we hope to serve several missions together in the future. The gospel and family -- basically one and the same -- are the most important things to us right now. Life is great when we are trying to keep our priorities straight, helping each other and our families do this, and to try to enlarge our circle of influence -- letting our light (and His light) shine.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm blessed to have goodly parents and was taught the gospel all my life. So that is why I was blessed to begin in the gospel; but true for all of us, is that I can't live on borrowed light, or even my own surety of spiritual things without having them tested and tried for myself. I've been there, too. One comment, in general about why people are LDS -- when I was on my mission as a young man, I heard or read something meant to be derogatory about the church -- it said that the church appealed to intellectual-types, as opposed to regular people, I guess. They could have said it's a thinking-person's church. I think that's a good thing. The truth is deep and complex, and also as simple as a child's faith, and real truth will stand up to all questions and examination. With many years of education, and lots of self-study and prayer, I know the Church/Gospel holds up to the toughest scrutiny. I know it's true -- and sort of like CS Lewis, I know it not because I know everything about it, but, like the sun (Son), because by it (Him) I can see and understand everything else.

How I live my faith

...by living WITH faith! By facing life faithfully and seeing the world through the lenses of faith and Christ rather than through the lenses of our secular (scientistic?) society. I remember a good program on PBS called "A Question of God," based on a class a Harvard professor who taught used the writings of CS Lewis as the "spokesman" for a Christian world-view, and Sigmund Freud as representative of the western, scientific, secular view. It mad a great contrast for me how different our experiences are depending on our "lenses." My LDS/Christian lenses have me see my neighbors, my work, and even world issues in hopefully His light. I hope I treat people differently if I see them as children of God, and see my opportunities to serve as different from burdens or duties. OK, my "lenses" aren't rose-colored. I'm not Pollyanna, and certainly not perfect, but just wanting to be, like Christ encouraged us to be. And when we're trying, He (and angels) help, and others react to us differently. And when I blow it, it's great to know He's inviting me to repent and He's waiting with outstretched arms. That's how I want to live my life -- so that I'll be eager to return to Him, with my family, having been "used up" in His service.