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Hi I'm Ryan

I'm an Actor. I'm an Engineer. I'm a husband. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am used to things not working out. I studied Pre-Medicine before going to theater school and getting a Musical Theater degree which somehow led me to become an Engineer. I have been a student, a professional actor, and a computer technician. In the midst of things working out and not working out, I found my beautiful wife and we are excited to welcome our first baby into our family. Through the support of family during times when finding a job seemed impossible I have been able to live a very full life. I went from Idaho, to California, to Boston and now we live in New York City. We have been blessed to make things work during difficult economic times, find a good home, good jobs, and a safe place to have a family of our own. My wife works with Broadway theater companies to bring the arts to kids around New York. I work as an Engineer for NBC Universal. We love to play in a big city, but we also love spending time at home and enjoying a peaceful day.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I love the peace that comes from living the Gospel. It keeps things in perspective. I am not always chasing after money or the ambition of getting ahead. I am working to bring peace into my life. I have a direction in my life that helps me to have wonderful friends and family relationships that bring me joy. I have a greater purpose for the day to day of living and trying to make it in a competitive and very expensive city. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints gives me such a vast support network when I am away from home. It gives me opportunities to serve which allows me to think of others and not about myself. This service and the support of my church friends helps me to be a better worker. I am more focused and honest in what I do at my job. It helps me be a better performer. I helps me to be a more dedicated husband. I am a Mormon because it gives me real meaning to having a job, having a family, and preparing to be a father. It brings me closer to God. I brings peace.

How I live my faith

Working in television can be stressful. Schedules change and days are long. There is little room for error in what I do. Living my faith gives me an opportunity to organize myself. I know that if I keep my covenants, I will be blessed. I find that living our law of health called the Word of Wisdom gives me the energy I need to stay on task. Eating right in a rush is easy when I know what is good for me. Taking a day off on Sunday is a huge blessing. I can pace myself, rest, sing, pray, and enjoy serving others in my congregation. My wife and I know that we will always have a peaceful day on Sunday. We don't shop, we don't go out, we choose to worship Heavenly Father together and learn to love and serve each other in a better way. We also take Monday nights to have a Family Night. We read and pray together, we have a lesson or a service activity, or we try to reach out to new friends and make them feel welcome. However, the biggest thing for me is serving in the Manhattan Temple. My wife and I volunteer every Tuesday to serve in the Temple. We get to feel the wonderful, peaceful Spirit of temple work, and have the privilege of serving others with no thought for ourselves. I have found that being able to rely on Church and Temple service keeps things in perspective, helps me to work more effectively at my job, and I feel like I get the most out of being a New Yorker. I live my faith by serving, by sharing what I believe with my friends, and by being active in the Church.

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Not everybody in my family is active in the Church, they do not go to Church very often and because of this they do not hold a temple recommend which allows them to go the temple. When I was married in the temple, only my mother and two other siblings were in the temple with us. My other family members did not have temple recommends. I would love to have them in the temple, but temple attendance is a goal and not a given. I have found it very rewarding to earn my place in the temple by living my life to those standards. Some in my family do not have that goal in their lives. I do not feel like it has separated my family anymore than me choosing to go to college in another city. That was the path that I chose. We support each other in those choices. It does not pull us apart. Like a college, the temple is where I have learned more advanced things about the Gospel. We participate in ceremonies that remind me a lot of classrooms. We perform baptisms in behalf of those who have died. This looks just like people getting baptized when they join our Church. We perform other symbolic ceremonies where we sit and have blessings given to us. These look like blessings that are administered when people are given the Gift of the Holy Ghost or if they are sick. We also kneel across an altar to be married, and promise to love and honor each other for eternity. I can do this for myself or for others. It is a wonderful experience. Show more Show less

Who was Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith was a regular guy. He was a prophet because Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him. I think of that a lot and it has inspired me. Joseph had a serious question and said a serious prayer to God. I did the same thing when I was about 15 years old. I prayed to know things for myself about my faith, about my course of life, about my worth, about the existence of God. I had my serious questions and I said serious prayers. I have had those prayers answered and because of that I have lived with confidence that God is real and that I have a personal relationship with Him. I could go on for days about Joseph Smith. The main thing for me personally is always that he proved that anybody is worth a conversation with God. All of us can have a personal relationship with God. This is not a crutch or an excuse to me, but a true and living communion. Show more Show less