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Hi I'm Yvonne Parrish

I'm a wife & mother with 2 adult daughters. I have worked the night shift for the last 20 years. I garden to excess. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I live in a small mountain town in a dear little house that my grandfather built for my grandmother when their family was young. My sister & her family live next door. My parents & another sister & her family live a mile away. For 20 years I lived & traveled in other states, raised mychildren, watched them leave & start lives of their own, worked hard (& am still working hard), & built a life with meaning. Besides being a wife & mother I have been an optician, fast food manager, office manager in a mental health clinic, & now work as night auditor in a small luxury resort. My husband & I moved to my home town 12 years ago & it has been a greater joy than I could have imagined. Life has a slower pace here with time to savor the moments. I find that gardening is great stress relief & a wonderful time to meditate & ponder. When the beds run out of room I just make them deeper. Actually, there isn't much grass left. I enjoy all things creative & adore architectural salvage. I have a wonderful old shelter dog who also loves gardens (if a plant can't survive a 90# lab, -30 degree winters, & a bit of neglect then it won't cut it). I love atrophysics, sci-fi, art, classical music (as well as rock & techno), musicals & classic movies, ethnic foods (Thai, Indian, Mexican-yum), singing (others-not mine) & little child chuckles. Favorite books include Mere Christianity, Harry Potter, & Hubble Photo collections. Someday I want to learn French & to play the piano (& read music.) That's me.

Why I am a Mormon

I was 16 when the enormity of Christ's suffering & sacrifice hit me. I felt that it had been such a waste that He had done this for me; I certainly wasn't worth it. I sat under a tree on a mountainside in a raging thunderstorm sobbing over this when it was as if I heard a voice, "The gift is already given; what are you going to do about it?" I resolved then & there to make my life a "Thank you" for what He had done. I spent the next year investigating every local church, attending bible studies, & talking to anyone about what they believed. I knew that God would not require me to commit intellectual suicide to know & love Him. I was convinced that the true church of Jesus Christ no longer existed & was looking for something that would be "good enough" until He called me home. When I met the missionaries & they asked me if I would like to learn more I started to say "no". I didn't want to be disappointed again. But I hesitated & felt that still small voice urging me to "go ahead". Learning about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ was like breathing; it came so naturally. My list of questions that I had been saving for Jesus when I met Him again were all answered. When I looked in the mirror I no longer saw a failure but a daughter of God full of potential & worth. Reading the Book of Mormon was like drinking cool spring water & I couldn't get enough. The way that it meshed with the Bible & bore testimony of Jesus Christ resonated with my heart. Many would say that 17 is too young to make such an important decision. I knew that if I made such a commitment then I had better mean it. God had given me answer to my prayer to find His Church & He knew that I knew. I could not mock my Savior & my God that way. I have been a member for 37 years. I have never regretted the choice. It was a pivotal moment in my life. All that I am, all that is good or joyous or worthwhile in who I am & in where my life has gone flows from that decision. It facilitates my "Thank you".

How I live my faith

I have worked full time for most of my adult life. My co-workers & most of my friends have not been Mormon. My parents & siblings are not Mormon. I concentrate on being me & let those around me be themselves. If I'm invited to an R rated movie I decline, thank them for thinking of me, & ask if we can do a raincheck for something less unsettling. If I am offered coffee I decline, thank them for the offer, & ask if I might have water. If someone is slamming Mormons I smile & ask, "You've never known a Mormon, have you?" When they admit they have not I say, "I'm one. That really isn't what we believe. What would you like to know?" If a group is laughing & I ask what was so funny & they say I wouldn't like it then I thank them & we talk about something else. We have a hymn that says 'I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord, over mountain or plain or sea. I'll say what you want me to say, dear Lord, I'll be what you want me to be." In my opinion, don't sing it if you don't mean it. While it is noble & exhilarating to say that I would die for My Savior what He really wants is for me to live for Him. My day to day life is just like anyone else's. I have the same traffic jams, demands, too little time, family crisis, health issues, loss of loved ones, grumpy moods, bad days at work, & misunderstandings with those I love. Sometimes I disappoint myself with my choices or performance. Sometimes I look back on an event & realize that I could have been better. Then I pray for forgiveness & for grace through the power of the atonement. I pray for knowledge of my weaknesses & failings & for the means to turn them into strengths. Often, in a situation when someone needs strength or wisdom I just say a prayer, "I'm opening my mouth now, please make it good" & trust that what comes out will be helpful & uplifting. I have been a Sunday School teacher to the small children, the teenagers, the women in our women's organization, & now to the adults. I do what needs to be done.