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Hi I'm Summer

I'm studying Equity and Diversity in Educational Settings. I post way too many pictures of my children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hello! About me. Well. Let's get started. I'm a mom to two of the coolest kids on earth. Seriously. My litle boy is three and my little girl is one. They are very stereotypical in that my boy bleeds sports and my girl carries "babies" around and cuddles them all day. I love being a wife and a mom. This was never my goal; I had always viewed myself as an advertising exec in New York City. I fell in love, however, with my hot husband and decided instead of a briefcase, I wanted a diaper bag. Unfortunately, this process was delayed and it took us three years to have our little miracle boy. During that wait I grew a lot. I had to put my faith in God's timing. Now that they're here, they are the most adored children on earth. Or you know, at least as much as your kids are. I changed my profession to teaching. I taught for 1 and a half whole years before I had my son. I taught first grade and loved every minute of it! Or, most minutes anyway. I'm currently working on my masters degree because I'm pretty nerdy and really enjoy school. I'm married to a forgiving, kind, selfless and hilarious man. I like to spend my free time on the couch eating junk food and laughing with him. Wild life, let me tell you.

Why I am a Mormon

I started attending church when I was three. I have a picture of me in the primary room with pop beads and early 90's crimped out hair. It's funny to look back on that picture and think about how much I have changed. There are aspects of my life that have not changed, however. I have always known there is a God, and more importantly (to me) I know he hears our prayers. I remember being so young crying in bed thinking about how great it is to be able to pray to God and know he hears me. This has not changed and has been an anchor in my life. We are constantly bombarded from all sides on how to act, what to believe, what's acceptable, what's not. It's difficult at times to maintain faith. But here is what I know: There is a God. And not only does he know you, but he loves you. YOU. With all of your talents, imperfections, capilities, weaknesses. Every member of the church is a convert. I too have had to kneel and ask to know if this church is true. I can't speak for anyone else, but I can tell you that from this experience, I know it's true. I am not special. I'm not a prophet. I am a child of God and this is my right-to be able to ask God questions and expect to receive answers. I have always found the "rules" of the church to be incredibly logical-as I have seen the adverse affects of drugs and alcohol use on families. Abiding by these teachings has made me happy. Knowing there is more to life than the daily grind, knowing that families are forever, learning how to identify and therefore serve my fellow man have all made me truly happy. I hope that my example can help guide my children to know that they are divine, they have a higher purpose, and that they can find peace in knowing they are children of God.

How I live my faith

I have been the primary president (kids 1-12) which was incredible! Kids are wild. They are. But they are also so pure and Christlike. The majority of my time in the church has been spent working with the young women (girls 12-18). This is my favorite.calling.ever. There is power in the youth of the church-there has to be. Not drinking in high school? Come on. It's so fulfilling to teach them of their individual worth-and to not pay attention to glossy photoshopped magazines that tell a woman her value is based on physical appearance. What I have enjoyed most about living my faith is felt on a day to day basis. We are challenged to become more Christ-like. This has enable me to try to identify the need of others and meet them. I have been the recipient of this service many times. One includes a very elderly man from church knocking on the door. I opened it, frazzled with two sticky kids in my arms. This sweet man offered to take my little boy to the park with him for the afternoon. So simple, yet so meaningful to me. I hope I can be a sigh of relief to others!