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Hi I'm Karl Johnson

I'm a husband and father of 4; a sinner, but I follow Christ as best I can and have faith in his redeeming power. I am a Mormon.

About Me

My wife and I have been married for 12 years. We have 3 biological children and 1 adopted. One year after my wife and I were married, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. We were told not to have anymore children after our first, but have had 2 other beautiful children since and 1 that we adopted as well. Because of my job, I have traveled all over the US, several times and even to The Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, and Chile. I love to travel, but I hated being away from my family, and I hated the man I was becoming, while on the road. I made a lot of poor choices being from those things that kept me grounded; so I changed jobs. Leaving the company I was working for and beginning again was difficult, and a little scary, but I knew that if I was to make any changes for the better in my life, it needed to start there. Working from home has been a HUGE adjustment, but for the past 7 years it has been a blessing to me in countless ways. Not the least of which are: I am more involved with my family: going to basketball games, soccer games and dance lessons. I look forward to weekly dates with my wife, nightly reading to my children and weekly basketball with the guys from the neighborhood. I am still weak and make many mistakes, but because of God's grace, I have found strength in my family, my neighbors/friends and my involvement with church.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which is commonly known as being a Mormon. I am grateful beyond description for blessing of being a member of this church. I know that God LIVES, that He loves us that the His grace sustains us daily. I know that God the Father is TRULY our father. I am his spirit child from before the world began. He loves me as my father and as such wants me to be happy. That is why he has blessed the world with the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ; through whom, and only through whom, we can find true happiness. I am a member of this church because I know from the depths of my soul, that God the Father and Jesus Christ lead this church. They speak to prophets today, just as they did in ancient times; God has not changed in how He conducts His affairs with His children. I am grateful for the knowledge that God is unchangeable and that he speaks to his children today. It brings comfort in a world of shifting morality, to KNOW that there is a plan that was made from before the foundations of the world and that he still leads his children through that plan. I am a member of this church because I know that through obedience to the principles of the Gospel, as outlined by Christ himself, we can live with our families throughout all eternity. I cannot imagine a heaven without my wife and children. I know that God, who loves us perfectly, wants us to have our families with us forever. I am grateful for the Grace of the Atonement of Jesus Christ which allows ALL his children to live beyond the grave. I am also grateful to know that I can approach my Father in Heaven and seek forgiveness when I make mistakes and am not faithful. That through the grace of His Son, I can be forgiven of my sins; which are many. I know that my redeemer lives, loves me, and anxiously awaits our reunion. I know that he sustains me and strengthens me. I know it because I have felt His REAL and eternal love.

How I live my faith

I searched many years for happiness on my own, through many different sources. What I came to know is this: Satan is subtle as much as he is evil. He carefully leads us away from the things that would make us happy, by enticing us with things that we think may be fun. However, there is NOTHING he offers that can bring lasting happiness. Sooner or later it will lead to misery. In contrast, Jesus the Christ knows exactly what we need to do in order to be happy. He has given us the scriptures and the commandments through modern revelation for our times, because he Loves us. The happiest we can ever be in this life, or the next, is by doing our best to: follow His example, to research His teachings and apply to our lives what he taught, and keep His commandments. This gospel is simple. It boils down to FAITH in the Lord Jesus Christ, baptism, receiving and living worthy of the Gift of the Holy Ghost - to guide and comfort you throughout mortality, and then continuing on in that faith throughout your life. The beauty of God's plan is the simplicity of it. ANYONE who has faith in Jesus Christ, and is baptized by proper authority, then puts forth their best efforts, with HONEST intent to do His will and live the commandments, WILL be accepted by our Father in Heaven - BECAUSE of Jesus Christ and his offering for us. I enjoy discussing the gospel, or Good News, of Jesus Christ, with others. I love His words, which are found in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon which IS a 2nd witness to the truth of the bible that: Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, that he has always lived, that he came to Earth and taught his disciples the truth, that he atoned for us, was resurrected for us, and that He lives now, and continues to guide His church on the Earth, where His priesthood has been restored so that we may obtain eternal happiness with him. I am a Mormon and grateful to be so.