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Hi I'm Margaret

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am Mum to two lovely daughters, and three step-daughters, also grandma to three girls and two boys. My daughters, age 20 & 17 live at home with my second husband and myself. My step-daughters and grandchildren all live in the south of England. We also have two adorable but zany cats.

Why I am a Mormon

When I realised that I believed in God. I wanted to join a church but which one? I looked at many. An LDS friend lent me books, including the Book of Mormon - I just couldn't put it down! I noticed something about the Latter-day Saints. They didn't just say "I believe" they said "I know". How could they be so sure? If I could just be that sure I would know which church to join. I read everything I could find. I asked questions. I studied. I pondered. The only thing I didn't do was pray! I was faced with two alternatives. Either the Book of Mormon was real or it was a fake. Yet if it was a fake it was a pretty audacious fake to have within it a challenge to pray and ask if it was a fake! One morning as I was walking to work I was thinking about this. I stopped in my tracks. I looked up to the sky and I issued a challenge. I demanded to know if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was all it claimed to be. I said I would not take another step until I knew beyond doubt. I asked for a voice from a burning bush like the one which spoke to Moses. Of course nothing happened. Undeterred, I said I would accept clouds parting and a few thousand angels with trumpets. I looked up expectantly. Of course - nothing happened. I wanted to commit myself to a church, and I wasn't going to budge from that spot until my prayer had been answered! I said, "It's not fair. When Joseph Smith was in this same situation and prayed for an answer you didn't just send angels you came to him in person and you spoke to him in person. I want something as impossible to doubt as that." Then I got my answer. It came as clearly as someone standing next to me speaking calmly and quietly: "Why are you asking for an answer which you already have?" I realised it! I believed that Joseph Smith had spoken with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ face to face. I'd just told Heavenly Father that I believed it, and everything else fell into place. I knew. I just hadn't realised that I knew!

How I live my faith

I've now been a member of the Church for many years. My first husband and I were married in the London Temple and our two children were brought up in the Church. I know that we will be a family forever and that is a wonderful thing to know. We spent many years doing missionary work as a couple when he was alive. I've also been quite involved in Family History and get very excited discovering people in my ancestry that I previously knew nothing about. I've taught in various classes at church and have loved teaching the new members. The primary sunday school classes are really fun, especially the very young children where we have lots of great activities and cheerful singing. Right now I'm teaching a class of teenagers studying the Old Testament on a daily basis. I used to find the Old Testament difficult but now I'm thoroughly enjoying it. The class give me plenty to think about. I love going to the temple. It's the most peaceful and beautiful place on earth. We are so lucky these days to have the Preston Temple not far from where I live (It's in Chorley, not Preston - just to confuse people!) It used to be a major excursion going to the London Temple (which isn't in London either! It's in Newchapel near Lingfield) and usually involved an overnight stay. Although I haven't moved house since joining the church in all those years we have been in several different wards due to changes in geographical boundaries. We've gone from rented rooms to purpose built chapels to hiring schools and even using a masonic lodge complete with bar and glitter balls in the ceiling. We're currently attending church in Blackburn in the lovely chapel which we watched being built from the day of the groundbreaking. It doesn't matter where we are though, even which country we are in, we always feel the same joy and happiness attending church - even if sometimes we don't always understand everything in a different language. We still feel the same beautiful spirit.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Read the Book of Mormon. You can even do that online on the Church website with audio track to help in understanding the pronunciation which was my major hurdle at first. Then pray about it sincerely, asking if it is true. The answer will not normally come as a blinding flash but usually as a peaceful calm reassurance that what you are reading is the truth. Show more Show less