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Hi I'm Shari

I'm a Mormon. Baptized at age18 in Calgary, AB. Raised family of eleven -adopted one more. Now fostering. Yeah, Motherhood!!!!

About Me

I have a busy household still. Usually 6 children here-16 mo. to 18 yrs. Live in a forest near a river. I am on the board of our provincial education parental organization -ASCA. I am also an Educational Kinesiology instructor/facilitator working with individual clients as well as teaching Brain Gym. My life has been enriched without measure by my participation in the programs of the Church and by the callings that stretched me beyond what I imagined my capabilities to be. I continue to bake all the family's bread [I thoroughly bought into what I supposed was the 'Mormon culture'] but I have given up sewing all their clothes! I am presently the Primary chorister and Food Storage specialist. I love to read - when I steal the time - and am forcing myself to overcome my reluctance to sit at the computer. I think I have an addictive nature [don't we all?] so I'm very wary of the lure of Facebook. I rarely have time to catch a movie on DVD as the phone rings too often. Our household was raised largely without the TV, but the last few years we had my mom living with us and we acquired satelite - which now my semi-retired husband has adopted. With thirty nine grandchildren to date, we don't lack family life. Increasingly it has become our social life. We expanded our house - which served us with 8 children - but now whole families have to spend the night so more room seemed important. We were 'upsizing' while the rest of the people of our generation were 'downsizing!'

Why I am a Mormon

As a teenager, I was sitting in an English class - when the teacher asked, "Is there a God?" I had always as a child prayed to God. My parents were not active in their Lutheran Church, but from the time we moved to the city when I was 6, they had occasionally dropped us at the Sunday School. My parents broke up and we moved to a small town where I sought out a church - turned out to be Presbyterian - to which I took my younger twin sisters and even younger brother. Three years later, our father collected 'his' children and we moved to another province, where I again sought out the Lutheran Church and eventually took the catechism class. I distinctly remember asking a question of our Pastor about the nature of God as we were discussing the triune concept of the Godhead. His reply was unsatisfactory, so in my mind I created an image of a three 'headed' cloud. It was this belief that was so simply shattered by my grade nine teacher. From that time, I called myself an atheist - or agnostic. I continued to ask the question... how did the world come to be? Who am I? And what is the purpose of life? In my first year of university, I was still looking for answers. I had met my future husband and inquired of his church attendance. He offered me the opportunity to go to his parents home and meet with two young men. My roommate warned me that I would be in danger of being 'brainwashed' - but I had confidence in my own intellectual integrity. So I continued the visits [she probably still thinks she was correct ] and was baptized! I have since described the learning process as puzzle pieces clicking into place. It was all so simple - even the simple could grasp it! The Gospel itself was easy and clear to understand. My earlier experience in two years of catechism classes had failed in helping me KNOW the true nature of God and the Son and the Holy Ghost. It had not given me the tools with which to get up close and personal with my Heavenly Father. I found TRUTH!

How I live my faith

As I said before, the Church and my life in it are indistinguishable. I have held many callings in the Church. Each has taught me real skills that have served me well in my other community efforts. Often as I received the calling - or opportunity to serve in some leadership capacity, I would be unfamiliar and overwhelmed by the responsibilities and the expectations required for the job. I would think myself not talented, or organized, or good enough, for the task required. But always, as I stumbled through and finally came to confidence that I knew what I was doing, I would be released from that calling and given another area in which to stretch and grow. I believe that this is the Lord's way of making us better than we could imagine for ourselves. What an incredible opportunity to discover latent talent and ability. What a blessing in my life. To be able to discover that the more I gave to a calling in serving the youth, or the children, or my peers, the more I received in return! Life is so rich and deep! All the opportunities that I have the privilege of participating in: the temple that gives me purpose and hope; the opportunity to partake of the sacrament each sabbath day and renew covenants I have made with the Lord; the accessibility of the Scriptures including the Old and New Testaments, the Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrine and Covenants as well as modern revelation through the prophets; the social opportunity to 'play' with my peers at church activities and be involved with the children and youth of the church. All of these fill my life with a sense of joy and purpose.