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Hi I'm Carah

I like adventure and to make people laugh. That sums me up. Oh, and also I'm a Mormon! That's a big part too.

About Me

I live in California and I love it. I have a great job near the ocean as a nanny. My husband and I met doing stand up comedy in Utah, then we moved to LA a few years ago for him to further pursue writing and whatever else he decides he wants to try before we become real adults and have kids. I grew up playing guitar and writing lots of dumb funny songs. Satire is my favorite. I love to draw funny little cartoons as cards for friends too. Living in California is awesome when there's the ocean for boogie boarding and the mountains for hiking all surrounding me! I love to backpack and I want to see and experience every place on earth I can! I have a lot of pursuits in life, but I know that as long as I keep them in line with what God wants and expects of me, I will be happier and know my purpose on this earth. I enjoy studying scripture and theology and am always seeking ways to understand and apply Christ's saving atonement in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm Mormon because I know there is a God. And I know He did not just send humankind to earth to be confused, forever wondering what we're doing here. The Holy Ghost is a whisper that speaks into our heart, mind, and spirit to confirm truth. I am a Mormon because through the undeniable power of the Holy Ghost I have been given the clear, concise understanding that this is God's church. In this church, we are not asked to take anyone else's word that this is true. God wants us to test him, to live it, and to let our own happiness guide us to what is right. I am a happier person when I live the commandments and keep my life in line with what God has spoken into my heart. God is our Father and loves us. He has made a way to return to live with Him by sending Jesus Christ to atone for our sins. When I try to go through my days living in unrepentant sin, I feel that gulf between me and God. Jesus Christ lived a perfect life and stood in place as a sacrifice for my sin before God the Father. He was innocent. Jesus is my savior because, he not only saved me from sin, but arose from the grave on the third day proving that He indeed is the Christ, sent by a loving God. I don't have to feel regret about my mistakes because the God of the entire universe, the God that knows everything, said that when I repent He remembers my sin no more. I do not belong to this church because it is easy or what is expected of me by my family. I belong to this church because it is true. So true!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by treating others with kindness, love, and understanding as the Savior would. I believe that conflict is of the devil, who enjoys seeing us bicker and become easily offended. I like to take the level-headed approach, finding what we all have in common, and keep a positive, fun tone. At church, I teach the nursery class of adorable 2 year olds every week. It's a wonderful calling that allows me to take the truths I've come to love and understand and shrink them down into very basic principles.

Are Mormons Christians?

Most definitely! I want God to define what it means to be a Christian, not what the practice and traditions of what men say. This idea that Mormons aren't Christians is only perpetuated by people who are still living by the creed made by the Nicene Council. That is tradition, not revelation. It's not that we worship a different Jesus. In claiming to be a restored gospel, we have further scripture such as the Book of Mormon and modern day revelation so that we know MORE about Jesus. I think it's important to understand that the Nicene Council took place in the 3rd century so that Christians from all over could formulate one ideology about what it means to called a Christian. And in fact, from their definition, Mormons wouldn't fit in. But who gets to make that call? In the afterlife, it will be Christ who ultimately judges who is Christian. So although it was prophesied and fulfilled that the Messiah would come to earth, be rejected of men and killed, and additionally there would be a famine of truth in the land, the Nicene council knowing full well they were living in a state of rampant apostasy and hypocrisy, still decide the rules for all of what is labeled "Christianity"? Its absurd that Mormons are still often unwelcome to share the title Christian. I am a Christian because I know whose name I pray in, whose life is try to live like, and I let God label my faith because I am a devoted follower of Jesus Christ! The gospel is restored and this is Christ's church! Show more Show less