What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Karla

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I’m a wife of a wonderful man, I'm a mother we have two boys, I’m a friend, and I get to stay home and I’m grateful for, I get to see my kids grow, I love scrapbook and make cards, more then go grocery shopping :) I feel like my life sometimes is crazy and going way to fast, weekends is only one day and we try to make the best of it. We had struggle with cancer, but now we are free!!!, if I have to take something good from it, I’ll say it make us stronger and closer. I gown up in Chile, my family still there I haven't go back since I get here :( but my mom get to come and see us :) I came here for love, it wasn't easy it took me 6 moths to get to answer the phone, lol but now I can do it! Some times I miss speak in Spanish especially Chilean, I feel like I’m losing it. My oldest son Curtis is in kindergarten in Denver Green School, he loves it! He is more social then I do, asking to have friends over almost every day, my young one will go to kinder this fall, I can’t believe it! See I told you life go to fast…

Why I am a Mormon

I have a long long story, maybe I get the chance to tell you, but right now I can say... I'm a Mormon because I believe in Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ and the Holy ghost, I believe in Families can be together forever, I know in my heart that promise is for all, I’m a Mormon because I believe Joseph Smith saw God and his son, I believe in the book of Mormon I have a testimony of it, it answer me so many questions, historical question about so many stories I heard about our people, about the Mayas and other tribes. For me that was the key, I had always believe in God I always was and I a Christian, is hard sometime to heard people say that Mormons are NOT Christian, because yes we are… It was a big change, I got baptize when I was 19, the baptize part it was easy, what came after, that was ward, for every one things are different and maybe I was a hard one so I need it to learn more things, and I still do, give up smoke, drink, was easy maybe because I wasn’t doing it, but choose friends, do what’s right that was a little more hard and this world were bad things looks good and acceptable its hard but I know that if we do what its right in Gods eyes i can sleep in peace and get up next morning and try again, I'm not perfect not even close, but Im doing my best.

How I live my faith

You may have heard about our 3 hours church meeting, yes it’s true! But it’s not just a long meeting, we have classes, I work with the little ones, in Nursery, I love it! I have a funny story about it, when I came here that was my first calling or assignation in my ward, maybe because I didn’t speak English to well to communicate and they thought it was a good idea to practices with little ones, anyway a few weeks later a got pregnant but we lost it, and a few months later I got pregnant again and, you guess it is Curtis, and after I got a difficult pregnancy they release me from nursery so I could take care of myself, it was hard I really miss them, any way after my son was born, three months after to be exact I got call to be in nursery again!!! And Yes!! I got pregnant again my Gavin, after that I was really going crazy so didn’t got any calling for a while, I got call to serve in Primary teaching kids of 8-9 years old witch was interesting if I can say, it was fun too, and I got call to work with young women’s and I love it! And a few months ago I got to work in Nursery again!!!, Yap you got it I got pregnant but we didn’t make it, it happened twice and its hard sometimes but I know it’s a reason why, and I recognize that some Sunday I really don’t feel like being around cute kids, but I miss them when I’m not there… I love to serve, I love to help others, I love to give

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

We are not to different then other Christians people, and I think every person and family is different, I can tell you what's going on in my family and home, with my husband working crazy hours having dinner together sometimes is impossible, we try to have a “family home evening” usually on Mondays but sometimes it doesn’t happen until Fridays what we do? Well we eat together! We ready scriptures, we play games sometimes we go out, we talk, and we try to say our prayers every day, but like I say life is crazy and it feels that always is something to stop us for doing what we should do, family is important for us, and it’s a hard work too! We don’t drink or smoke but that doesn’t meant we don’t know how to have fun! And that help us to be more responsible, we don’t get to justified our acts or bad behavior because we are under alcohol influence or drugs, and it help us to be more healthy. In my family is all about honesty, sometimes true hurts but is way better then lies that it can't stops until is too late. We are not perfect, we have a lot to work on, and we are somehow different then other families in our ward, but we do have something in common, we believe in God and Jesus Christ, we go to church almost every Sunday to learn to worship and to feel that everything is going to be okay let’s keep tying. Show more Show less