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Hi I'm Brian

I am an Urban Planner, and an Artist, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am married to a wonderful woman and have four amazing children - two girls and two boys. Our middle two children are adopted. I love them all so much. My family is my life. I hope to be the father and husband that Heavenly Father would be if he were here. My personal interests and hobbies are: fishing, golfing, painting, singing and hiking/camping. I also love sports such as football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey. I studied architecture and urban planning in college and work as as a planner in my profession. I love to design and build things as well. I built houses for six years while going to graduate school. Now though, I spend my free time playing games with my kids and going to gymnastics, ballet, soccer, and T-ball classes. I still play an occasional round of golf, but the fishing has taken much more of a front line in my list because I can go with my whole family and help the kids with their poles and watch their excitement when that fish gets on their line. All in all, I'm just blessed in so many ways and count my blessings every day.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but that is only part of the reason why I'm a member. My family read the scriptures every day (or close to it) and so I learned the gospel throughout my childhood and all through my teenage years. This provided a strong background for my own personal conversion to the church. As a child, I grew up using my parents' testimonies as a source of support, but that won't carry anyone forever. At some point, you have to "know" for yourself, so I read the Book of Mormon at about the age of 16, then took Moroni's challenge at the end of the book and prayed to ask God if the Book was true. I felt a strong feeling burning in my heart and knew that God was telling me that yes, it was true. I know there is so much to life that we don't understand, such as the vastness of the universe and things like eternity, but one thing that is easy for me to understand is that there is a God. I just look around at the Earth we live in and everything working so perfectly together within it. Life in and of itself here on this Earth is proof of a supreme creator. If God created such a perfect place for us all to live in, then he can definitely talk to us. I feel His presence in my life as I continue to pray and live the gospel. I see His influence as I pray with real intent, having faith in Christ and as I do this, I am able to communicate with my Father, as if we were here. He has been there helping me and my family through difficult decisions in our lives. He has also been there to strengthen me when I was weak. He has sent me the best people to support me and I have never had to want for food or shelter or any of the basic needs. He loves us all and wants us all to come back to him someday. Because of my testimony in God and the Book of Mormon, I also know that Joseph Smith saw God, was a true prophet of God and that he translated the Book of Mormon from gold plates by the gift and power of God.

How I live my faith

I try to live the gospel every day. It's not just on Sunday, but at all times and in all places. Part of my current responsibilities as a member of the church is to serve in the church as a Ward Mission Leader. I assist our full time missionaries in their work to find, teach, and baptize people, putting them on track to get back to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ someday. I also have the privilege of visiting those who have recently joined the church and helping with their continued education of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love teaching God's children, young or old. I also work with the Cub Scouts in our area as a Cub Committee Chairman. This helps me to be involved with the youth of the church. Scouting is so great for children. I earned my Eagle Scout as a youth and hope that all of the boys here will take that same challenge. My wife and I also try to provide our children with a good knowledge and understanding of the Gospel so that when temptations or trials come our way, we will know what we need to do. This world is full of temptations, so it is so important to be on guard and ready when they come. We've already decided to say no to drugs, tobacco, coffee and tea, but that is just the beginning. We take every opportunity we can to serve our friends, family and neighbors. We try to live in such a way that if Christ came back tomorrow, we would be prepared to meet him and he would welcome us into his arms and say "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Who was Joseph Smith?

Though his life was from humble beginnings, he became a great man and did more for the salvation of mankind than any other man save Jesus Christ. He had great faith at an early age in life. He and his family lived in Palmyra, NY when he was 14 years old. In his confusion about which church to join, he read a passage from James 1:5 that gave him the direction to "ask of God" if he lacked wisdom. He went to a grove of trees near his home and prayed and received in response to his prayer, a vision of God the Father and his son Jesus Christ. Joseph was called to do a work that would help people find out what "plain and precious truths" had been lost due to apostasy. He helped restore these plain and precious truths and doctrines, such as the true manner of performing baptisms and the nature of God the Father as a personage of flesh and blood separate from his Son Jesus Christ. The authority to act in God's name was also restored through him. This authority is called the Priesthood. Jesus Christ restored his true church through Joseph Smith. Through all of these experiences and many more, Joseph effectively became "the Prophet of the Restoration." In this prophetic role, he is likened unto the leading prophets of each of the dispensations of time, such as Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus Christ himself when he came to Earth in the dispensation of the Meridian of time. Joseph is now the prophet of the dispensation of the fullness of times (the last days). Show more Show less