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Hi I'm Michael

I'm a College Student. I love music, sports, and being with friends. and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born into an amazing family with parents who taught me the value of hard work, education, and the setting of meaningful goals. However, they also knew how and when to have fun. Between family outings, running around the house with nerf guns, and building circuts with Dad, we had a lot of fun as kids in my family. I consider myself to be a man of many pleasures. I enjoy things that stretch me Physically and Mentally. One of my favorite things to do is climb mountains. There is something about reaching the top of a tall mountain that thrills me. I enjoy the trip, I respect the challange, and I savor view from the top. Best of all, that fealing of 'I did it!' once the ordeal is over. I love it! In Middle School and High School, I was involved in a wide spectrum of activities, including Cross Country Running, Choir, Track and Field, Math Counts, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Pep Band, Pit orchestra, and the list goes on. Some of my acheivements include earning my Eagle Scout award and being accepted into the Colorado All State Choir. I am currently studying Computer Information Systems and Mandarine Chinese. I hope to be as good of a Father to my children as my father was to me and my siblings. That's about all there is to know about me.

Why I am a Mormon

In addition to teaching practical life skills, my parents taught me to love and serve the Savior, Jesus Christ. In High School, I started making dicisions about who I wanted to be and what I wanted to achieve. I set my sights high. I observed and talked to the people who I wanted to be like and learned what they did and didn't do to get there. I set bounderies and values. Although I made mistakes, I did my best to learn from them and continue. By the time I was in College, I had a pretty good Idea of what I wanted to be, or at least I thought I did. Then I went on a Mission to San Jose California. That decision changed my life. Through the exersize of faith and through the Grace of the Savior, I was able to do things that I couldn't do if left to my own means. Throughout my life, I've made a lot of mistakes, some more serious than others. I feel that through the savior, I have recieved forgiveness for past mistakes, strength to make changes in my life, and Strength to do hard things for a rightious cause. I made a promice at Baptism to serve God, to Remember Christ, and to keep the comandments. As I have done this, the Lord's promise that his Holy Spirit would be a guide and a comfort has been fulfilled on many occasion.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by honoring the promise I made at Baptism. I Promiced to keep the comandments and repent where I fall short. Needless to say, that requires a lot of fine tune changes in what I do in order to be more like the savior. I also Promised to always remember the Savior. That I do by striving to study the scriptures every day and Attending church meetings on a weekly basis. I Promiced to take upon myself the name of Christ and to stand as a witness of Him. In the mission field, I did my best to point people to Christ. In my post mission life, I try my best to live a Christlike example. I want my friends to see me, know that I am LDS (Mormon), and know that I have a firm belief in Christ. If they have questions after that, I will do my best to answer them, or direct them to those who can answer them better than I. I made a Promise to serve God's Children around me. I seek oportunities to do that.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

We are saved by Grace. We cannot gain salvation by our own means alone. Every one of us (with the exception of Jesus Christ) have fallen short the requirments to live with our heavenly father again. That is where the Grace of the Savior comes in. It is the Savior's gift to us that he invites us to recieve. He doesn't force us to recieve it. He invites us to. The Savior sets conditions for us to recieve forgiveness. Those conditions include accepting His roll as our Savior, forsaking our sins, and committing to living His Teachings for the rest of our lives through Baptism by proper authority. Considering the price the Savior had to pay on the Cross for us to make this option avalable for us, It's clear that He is very gracious in offering Salvation for the terms he set. He is also gracious in granting us the freedom to choose to accept it for ourselves. Show more Show less