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Hi I'm Miriam

I'm a fine artist who travels, laughs a lot, sings, & does humanitarian work. I cherish good relationships. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a person who laughs. Let's just be honest here. I love my family. I love thinking deep and finding the "big picture" and truly understanding things for what they are. I love appreciating nature and just being in it. I love this beautiful earth and the diversity found therein. :) I am a fine art student at BYU-Idaho. I love to learn about everything and love a good conversationalist when I meet one. I have been blessed with 6 brothers and two loyal, hardworking, and supportive parents. I am a passionate person. I enjoy health, design, animals, photography, boardgames, painting, and drawing! I have always loved old things from music to clothes to movies (50+ years = my standard for old). I have a growing interest in human anatomy and love drawing bones. Yes, it's kind of weird. I love to ponder and think. I also am an avid music enthusiast - creating it and listening. I can't get enough of jazz (Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra all the way!). I love to sing, play the piano, and strum Ernst, my ukelele. And yes, I name everything. I am definitely quirky in that sense. I love color and happy people so much, but I also enjoy the quiet, sacred, holy, and beautiful things of the gospel of Jesus Christ and this world. Sunrises are my favorite, but there's always something so captivating about the night sky and space. Star-gazing is definitely a favorite pastime of mine. Family is everything to me and someday I want to have a garden and happy home full of kiddos.

Why I am a Mormon

Through study, prayer, & the Holy Spirit I know that God is my Heavenly Father. I've felt that in my heart & to the very core of my soul. He created a simple plan for me & all of mankind to progress & to have joy. Jesus Christ is the key to that plan. The Atonement that He performed gives me the opportunity to have eternal life if I use it to repent & become clearn so that I can return to God. That gift, that sacrifice, & love astounds me. I can never forget it. It humbles me & I know I am so blessed that I want to give all my will, time, talent, & resources to my Father in Heaven. I'm not perfect. I know where I come from & thank God for that knowledge! I know my goals & desires & I rely on my Redeemer & Heavenly Father for strength to accomplish them. I know that life does not end - that it is too precious to - & that eternity & true happiness are real & attainable. I know that the Savior lives & directs my life & is aware of my worries, my heartache, my personality, my thoughts, & my desires & is truly invested in my eternal progression. I choose to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because it is complete. It is real. I can't deny it, but rather, shout it from the roof tops! The doctrine & gospel of Jesus Christ truly comforts me & helps me live my life day-to-day. I'm so grateful to know why I'm here, where I'm going, & how I can get there. I'm Mormon because it brings joy & purpose. I know families are central to God's plan & are eternal.

How I live my faith

It is hard to say and sum up one's life in a few sentences. Because living my faith is surely my life. Every year, week, day, and hour I make choices. Some are wrong, some are right. I strive to be better each day. To me a good person is someone who is consistently trying to improve and grow in goodness, no matter the speed or point at which they currently reside. To me this sentiment embodies the whole purpose and goal of the gospel and God's plan for each of His children. I have felt of God's pure intent and great love for me and all His children through experiencing the truths of the gospel as I have done my part to believe and then live them. And how do I live my faith? By choosing, making a conscience effort every single day to improve, to live the gospel, to overcome weaknesses and purify myself, despite failure and hardships. It is a test we are living here--this earth-life--and it is meant to push us towards choice and development. It is our job to decide what kind of person we become in the end of all things. Thus, I can say that I live my faith every time I try. And every time I choose good I succeed. It is simple. :)

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

God created a plan for us to gain true happiness. That plan was made while we lived with God before this earth-life, & this life gives us a chance to be tested & prove that we are worthy to live with God again & have eternal life, the greatest gift of God. God has an immortal glorified body of flesh & bones. He is a God of laws, order, & justice. He also is a God of love, mercy, & integrity. Everything that is good comes from God. He is perfect & has complete happiness. We are His family & He loves us. Family is central to God's plan and purposes. He wants us to return to Him, but we are mortal & will die & have all committed sin. To be a test this life had to have trials & opposition to overcome. God knew that we could't do this alone, & that we did not have the power to save ourselves without someone to help us overcome sin & death. That is why the Savior is key to God's plan. He performed the Atonement so that we could have the chance to repent & become clean & improve, as well as overcome death to live forever with God & all our family again in heaven. Justice had to be paid for if God was going to be able to let us live with Him again (no unclean thing can dwell in the presence of God). Through the Savior's infinite Atonement He fulfilled justice, paying for our sins, & also made it possible for God to judge us mercifully according to our works & desires. With the Savior's help we can be cleansed & live forever. The Savior's gift is conditional upon our repentance. :) Show more Show less