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Hi I'm Warren

My wife and I have spent about 17 years in Asia/Africa helping give immunizations and performing humanitarian work. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Next year Becky and I will have been married for fifty years. We have four children and twelve grandchildren. I enjoy doing family history research and in writing nonfiction material. We have loved living overseas, meeting and getting to know wonderful people from other cultures. We lived for ten years in the beautiful country of Indonesia, three years in the progressive country of Singapore, about four years in the busy country of Nigeria, and have visited frequently the fascinating countries of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Hong Kong. Becky developed a keen interest in African Grey Parrots over the years. She didn't breed them but she cared for six different birds over a period of about twenty years. She read every book she could find on the subject and became quite an expert. She had some of these parrots speaking over 120 words. She cared for them with tenderness and they became fiercely loyal. When she would talk over ten minutes on the telephone, one parrot would start saying "goodbye! See you later!" This was the bird's signal that she wanted Becky's attention now. We enjoy family, friends, and many fond memories of good people around the world.

Why I am a Mormon

Becky and I have followed the beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormonism) all of our lives. After these many years, our faith has become stronger. After living in so many lands, our love for our fellow-man has deepened. Our Church teaches us to follow the example of Jesus Christ in all things. In trying to do this, we have learned to love our Savior. His example can be understood and applied anywhere in the world. His way will bring happiness to any person in any culture. Our Church teaches the eternal worth of man - an existence before coming to the earth, important reasons for being here, and promises for a joyful hereafter. We have seen these beautiful teachings come to life as we mingled with God's children in many different places. We have felt deep within us the sacred nature of every individual and the eternal brotherhood / sisterhood of all people. Our prayers have been answered countless times. We know God loves us and has preserved scriptures and living prophets to help us understand the purpose of life. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, showed us how to live by giving service to others and how to obey by being baptized. We have learned that God is always approachable and loves us regardless of past mistakes. Our Church gives purpose and meaning to life, far beyond anything designed by man. Our Church has led us to a loving and peaceful existence.

How I live my faith

We live our faith by trying to practice the beliefs of our Church every day, not just on Sundays. In one of our Church meetings, called Sacrament Meeting, everyone partakes of the sacrament. We live our faith by trying to make this event very important to each member of our family. The sacrament service includes eating a piece of bread, in remembrance of Christ's body, and drinking a sip of water, in remembrance of Christ's blood. Jesus Christ is central to our beliefs in the Church and this sacrament service helps us remember Him in a very personal way. We believe it aslo helps us feel His Holy Spirit during the week. In the past, I have spent years working with the Boy Scouts. I have enjoyed helping to organize and supervise many outdoor activities, including trips to inactive volcanoes and remote islands. All the boys would join in prayer - morning and evening. I know God watched over us and helped the boys appreciate His creations. Our Church encourages people to be self-reliant but to also give geneously when people are in need. Near our home (about a ten minute drive) is a large orchard owned by the Chruch. The purpose of this orchard is to produce apricots and peaches for use by those who are poor and needy. I have lived my faith by working many hours in this orchard. It has been a very rewarding activity. When I thinned peaches or picked ripe apricots, I would often imagine in my mind hungry children eating these nutritious fruits. I know our Church holds truth that will uplift and benefit all mankinds.

What are some of the ways that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helps those around the world?

We have lived in countries outside America for about seventeen years. Some of these countries have had desperate humanitarian needs. For example, we witnessed some of the ravages of the Biafran War in Nigeria and some of the damages caused by volcanoes in Indonesia. In every case, there were individuals and organizations that tried to provide needed assistance. Our Church members were selfless in offering service and comfort to victims of any crisis. Our Church teaches that people of all countries and races are actually brothers and sisters. There was no reluctance in offering help to those who suffered. In every major emergency where countries allowed outside help, our Church offered financial and material assistance. We were often the first to have relief materials delivered on site. These materials included medical supplies, clothing, bedding, hygience items, and food. In addition, there was follow-up to disaster relief. We witnessed Chuirch assistance given to countries to help restore housing, health facilities, and schools. We also saw help being given to individuals to restore means of employment. Our God is the Father of all mankind. Our Church allows us the privilege of reaching out to our brothers and sisters throughouit the world. Every month my wife and I contribute financially to the humanitarian fund of the Church, knowing first-hand the good it will do. Show more Show less