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Hi I'm Scott

I have been a Mormon all of my life, but have only lived it and loved it for part of my life...

About Me

I grew up in the mountains of Utah, and loved being outdoors either exploring by motorcycle or by foot, going hunting or fishing and also camping. My father worked in the construction industy so I naturally became a custom home builder and an excavator. I now own a business that does excavation for resort homes in the Wasatch Mountains. I served an LDS Mission in Taipei Taiwan and am now married with 4 boys, ages 6-13 (2 or them are twins). I now enjoy spending time with my wife and kids, either on family trips or just talking together at home. To get away I really enjoy either a day out with my wife or an evening out on a date alone or with friends. I still love the outdoors and to just "rough it" out in the woods with my boys. One of my favorite places is Lake Powell Utah and also the Diamond mountain range in the Eastern Uinta mountains. These are remote places...I like to feel like I am "escaped" from the cares of the world and surrounded by the undisturbed outdoors. This is therapy to me...

Why I am a Mormon

As a young boy I grew up in the Salt Lake valley of Utah in a non-practicing Mormon family. By age 5 or 6 my good Mother started taking my older sister and I to church. Our next door neighbors were strict Catholics and I often wondered why we went to different churches. I still remember me sitting there in church for the first time as a little boy listening to my Primary teacher (Sunday School teachers for kids) as she told the story of Joseph Smith and his prayer to know which church to join, I felt something very strong as she spoke that told me this was true. I didn't just feel something strong but it was a feeling of happiness, enlightenment, and most of all... love. These wonderful feelings along with the wisperings that what I was learning was true left me unable to doubt in any way the truthfullness of Joseph Smith's experience. From then on through the teenage years I struggled with missing too much church and choosing wrong friends, but that experience as a child never left me. I was blessed to have a great friend of the family as our Bishop and he helped me decide to serve a mission, and I was called to serve in Taipei Taiwan. Here I picked up where I left off as a child and loved learning about and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Buddahist people of Taiwan really helped me learn and understand the mission and life of Jesus Christ. After returning home it wasn't exactly "happily ever after", I started to struggle with unforgiving thoughts of myself, it wasn't untlil many years later that I realized that mearly knowing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and good is one thing but I really needed to aply it to my own life. It has only been since then and many prayers later that I have felt the miraculous power of His Atonement in my life. I am a different person now, I love to serve in the church and help others come to know what I now know.

How I live my faith

Going to church on Sundays, studying the scriptures, and personal prayer are great blessings in my life, and are much of the reason for my happiness, but service is the icing on the cake. I love helping and serving with others, this brings the spirit into my life and I feel a joy that I don't feel anywhere else other than serving others or my family. That isn't to say I am perfect or that I am constantly serving others, I like everyone else have to work, raise kids, try to be a good husband, and have the common struggles that we all share, but what an opportunity it is to be able to stop and think of others. What good would the Gospel be if it didn't invite us to serve? One of my favorite "callings" I've had was to serve with the youth, as a young men's leader. The example of these 16-19 year old boys was amaizing! They are so resiliant and strong. I made lifelong friends while working with the youth. Many of these young men have gone on missions to other countries and now have families of their own, and we are still in contact. My favorite is Home Teaching. In one of the families that I home teach the dad has recently given up alchoholism, and smoking and many other challenges and has felt the the goodnes of the Gospel of Jesus Christ so strong in his life that he and his family are now fully active in church, he looks and acts completely different, he has a great job, he is also a Home Teacher and has helped another family in our area do the same that he has done. We go home teaching once a month and go into the homes of 4 families or members to deliver a gospel message. It is a great opportunity to serve and be served! Curently I serve as a High Councilor, there are 12 of us. We are called to speak in the various church houses of our area each month, this is a great challenge for me, as I shy from being the center of attention, but I have learned that when I am speaking about the Gospel I am comforted and actually enjoy and feel blessed to do so.

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

I attribute the growth of the Church to the truthfulness of its great message. If God lives and loves us there must be a great purpose for us being here on this earth. If He loves us He must also have a plan for us to be what He wants us to be. The Church through the scriptures and its doctrine gives answers to these questions. The Church's Doctirne not only answers these questions but members like myself have a unique opportunity to know for themselves if these things are true. a spiritual conviction of it's truthfulness makes all the difference in the world, it gives me the faith, & hope to see life through a whole new perspective. We often say that this Chuch contains the "Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" and I not only believe this with all my heart, but feel I know it through the power of the Holy Ghost in a way that has changed my life completely for the better. When the "Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" is coupled with a knowledge of its truthfullness, people become dedicated and faithful, and most of all happy. I have found so much happiness through the wonderful message of this Church that I don't want to keep it all to myself, I want to share it, and hope that it can help others as it has helped me. Between our members wanting to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the ability for people to know of its truthfullness for themselves, I believe this is the cause of our church growing so rapidly. Show more Show less

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

It has been said that "everything we need to know" is contained in the holy scriptures. Many times I have prayed for help & answers and have found those answers unexpetedly while studying the scripures. They enlighten my mind and increase my faith and so often end up answering prayers, helping me through struggles, or teaching me the things I need to know. It is really miraculous to search the scriptures and find your answers through the writtings of old. Through the Book of Mormon and other scriptures I have learned about the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through the Bible I have learned of God's dealings with man. I love the New Testament, and am thankful for how it has taught me of the Saviors life and mission here on earth. It is from these great writtings that my life has been changed forever, without them I would still be in the dark. Most of all, I love how the scriptures make me feel and help me draw closer to the Lord. My day goes so much better when I study the scriptures, I am so much more likely to pray sincerelly when I study the scriptures, thus feeling the Spirit of God more in my life, having greater faith and hope to meet the challenges of each day. Unfortunatley I sometimes forget, or even worse I just don't take the time. These are the days that I feel like I'm on my own, facing each moments challenges by myself, I've been there before and I don't want to go back. I'm SO Thankful for the Scriptures, they GIVE me so much! Show more Show less