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Hi I'm Kris

I grew up in Provo Utah. I had fun making shaped birthday cakes for my kids each year of whatever they requested. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a mother of four and grandmother of five children. I enjoy famly traditions. One of my families favorite traditions while raising my family was birthday cakes. Each year about 2 weeks before thier birthday, I would find out what they would like their birthday cake to be. Then I would figure out a way to try and make it. When the kids were young some of the cake requests were: cub scout cap, a hamster in a ball, "just like this picture", aircraft carrier, piano, car, dinosaur, rollerblades a caterpillar, cookie monster, raccoon, and little mermaid. As they got older, I think they had fun trying to see if they could stump me. Some of thier more challenging requests were: a goat eating a tire, an ant standing on a leaf, an eagle scout patch, the St. George LDS Temple, a cake that looked like a pizza, a car with them driving, a manatee, and a spider on a flower being struck by lightening. It is fun to see that my adult kids are choosing this as a family tradition in their families. As several of my children have married a spouse from a different country, my husband and I also enjoy seeing our kids families blend holiday tradititons from those cultures into thier families as well.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family that are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but just like anyone else I had to gain a testimony of its truthfulness for myself. I was a tomboy as a kid. I loved to play basketball and football which was socially un lady-like when I was a kid. I remember once wondering if my Heavely Father loved me because he made me a girl and therefore I was condemed to boredom by society. Then I would remember the many answers to my prayers: being able to find my rebelous dog that ran away in a different city, the comfort I received when my aunt died that only came through prayer, and the prayers I had offered in elementary school for help in learning and understanding subjects I was struggling with. I have always felt that connection to heaven when I am fervantly praying. I gained that part of my testimony about a loving Heavenly Father and that we can communicate directly with Him as a young kid. I have also read the Book of Mormon and took the challenge to pray and ask God directly if it is true. I have felt that witness in my heart and soul. I know it is of God and true. I have prayed over needs of my children while raising them and received answers and solutions from unlikly sources that have been miricles in the lives of my kids. Priesthood blessing have also been a source of comfort and miricles and direction in my life. All these are part of my testimony that God is real and this is His Church and His Gospel Plan on the earth.

How I live my faith

I was working with the young women in our ward. I would teach the Sunday lesson for the 12 and 13 year old girls. I have also been involved in the young women camping program for our ward. My husband and I have been involved in many aspects of scouting for most of 30 years. It is somthing that is very fun for me. I also enjoy serving as a visiting teacher and visiting with other women. Sometimes there are things and needs that I can help with or do for them. My husband and I also love to serve, be with, go places and do things with our elderly parents. We recently took his 88 year old mom, my 80 year old dad and my 76 year old mom on a week long trip to Nauvoo, Illinoise. We all had a great time. His mom started inviting some of the ward widows over to her house to play games on Friday nights. We have a good time with her neighbors and they have become friends for her and not just acquaintances. It has reduced the lonliness and increased the connections for her. It has been fun for me, her and them. Another service that I have really enjoyed doing is Family History. I had the feeling I needed to get our parents histories recorded before we lost any of them. I typed up a sheet of about 12 basic questions that would help them recall experiences of their lives. Then I gave it to them and told them I would come record their stories in one week. I got all their histories and several experiences recorded vocally, as well as, written. Within 2 years after I finished my father in law's health declined and he had passed away. We are very glad we can still hear his voice and have his stories. I also digitized all the histories and photos that both moms have collected over the years. We jointly made photo family group sheet and photo pedigree charts with quality pictures. They knew all the cousin and family connections so we went visiting. It was very fun.