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Hi I'm Bill

I'm a husband, father, attorney and avid mountain biker. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

About 12 years ago, while training for a marathon, a friend loaned me a bike and invited me to try Mountain Biking with him. It just about burst my lungs trying to climb some local trails, but I've been hooked ever since, and I've managed to convince almost all of my family to ride with me. I've ridden thousands of miles of trails in multiple states and several countries, including a memorable single track section along the Mekong River in Cambodia with my wife and two oldest boys. Family comes first, even in mountain biking! I don't know what I would do without my wife and kids. I'm blessed to have married my high school sweetheart. She has devoted her life to blessing mine and the lives of our six happy, healthy children. She is my best friend and aside from the gift of His son Jesus Christ, she is God's greatest gift to me. She is a talented dance instructor and choreographer, and I'm a senior partner in a law firm. But we recognize that there is nothing more important than our commitment to each other, our children and our God.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born to loving, devoted parents who were members of the Mormon church. My father was from pioneer heritage and my mother was the first member in her family line. I grew up in small towns and farm communities and learned the value of hard work and integrity from the people around me. I watched my parents and neighbors live honestly, work hard and serve one another. I was at peace in a value system that focused on service, personal responsibility and a sense of duty to God, Country and Community. When I was about 14 years old I came home from church one Sunday and commented to my mother, (who joined when she was 15) "I need to know for myself that this church is true." Her response was classic. She said, "Bill, I had the same questions when I was your age. I prayed and received my answer, and you can too. But until you get your own, you can lean on my testimony. But I'll tell you this, if God has a church on this Earth, I'm convinced that it would teach its members to be the kind of people that the Mormon church teaches its members to be." I did study and pray, and though I never had a dramatic revelation, some years later, in a very personal moment, I looked back at who I was and where I came from and I realized that I knew, without a doubt, that I was doing what my Heavenly Father wanted me to do. The Holy Spirit confirmed what it witnessed in a sacred grove in 1820, when Joseph Smith asked a question similar to mine and received an answer that led to the restoration of Christ's church on earth. I've felt that witness again and again, and can't deny it.

How I live my faith

For the last several years I've served as the Bishop to our local congregation. It's a lay ministry (meaning we don't get paid for our service) and yet my life has been enriched by this opportunity to serve the people of my community. My calling has brought me to the bedsides of those struggling for their last breath, and to the temple to see bright young couples married for time and eternity. It's taken me with our youth on adventures down slot canyons, on high mountain hikes and more meaningful adventures in the homes of the elderly where I've been able to watch faithful young men and women serve and lift those who have given so much to all of us.

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

I've been asked the same questions about temples before. Having spent my life trying to live in a way that would permit me to enter and participate in Temple ordinances, I have come to understand the significant difference between what is secret and what is sacred. Temples and temple ordinances are sacred. I doubt an intelligent person would answer an invitation from a King or Queen--or any other important political or governmental figure--by showing up in street cloths or a dirty work shirt with grease under their fingernails. Respect for the occasion would prompt better thought and preparation. Similarly, as I contemplate a Heavenly Father capable of creating our universe and everything in it, while at the same time loving each of His children individually and completely, I can't feel comfortable showing up to receive His gifts and promises with a "come as you are" attitude. His promises are available in order to help me improve and draw closer to Him. Casual regard is not enough. Instead, real reverence prompts a higher devotion and a desire to receive this gift in worthiness and humility, with clean hands and a pure heart. If He sets standards of behavior in order for me to receive sacred ordinances, I'll strive to live them. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

In my experience, those who refer to Mormons as being a cult are either uninformed or they are former members of the church who's personal choices have alienated them from not only the Mormons but Christian faith and compassion in general. People claiming to be Christian often picket and protest outside Mormon meetings and gatherings. Signs accuse us of being ignorant, misled and damned. At one street corner as we waited for the light to change so we could cross the street, one so-called "Christian" came up to me and my young children, holding his hurtful sign and yelled at me that I was a fool. He told my children that their father was leading them to hell. My young daughter held my hand tightly and then, after we'd crossed the street and were safely away from the man (who had turned his venom on other victims), she asked why he was so angry. Later that night we talked about the fact that prejudice, bigotry and hatred throughout human history have come from those who don't understand and those who feel threatened. While it hurts to be demeaned, I recognize that followers of Christ have often been in that position, and there are much worse things in life than being persecuted for believing in and following the Savior. People continue to attack the Mormons because they don't understand our faith or they somehow feel threatened by us. Rather than hating them back, I choose to pray for them. Show more Show less

How are the activities of the Mormon missionaries funded?

My wife and I have sent out three of our sons to serve as full time missions. The boys worked and saved their own money for their missions, but because I believe we are blessed as we contribute to their service, my wife and I have contributed the lion's share. I believe it is the best investment a parent can make in their child. To give them two years to focus on Christ, his teachings and his ministry among the people of the world is something that changes them like no other experience. They come home with a sense of compassion and service and an appreciation for how much they've been blessed in their own lives. Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

You will find members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) in just about every wholesome walk of life. I am an attorney. I have friends who are small business owners, executives in large corporations, doctors, coal miners and truckers. We believe in being honest, true, chaste benevolent and in doing good to all men. We believe in the important role of families as an eternal association that will help us learn how to love and serve and sacrifice. My greatest joy is found in and through my family. Aside from work and service to the community (coaching little league baseball teams or serving as a Scout Master) my wife and I support our kids in their school and extracurricular activities and pursue wholesome family activities as well. We worship on Sundays. We visit and check in on other members during the week. We pray as families and individuals each morning and night, and usually find time to study the scriptures nightly. We abstain from alcohol, tobacco and other addictive substances and we fiercely protect our home from pornography and other immoral and degrading entertainment and material. Our goal is to to have joy in this life and joy as a family in the life to come. Every day is a gift. Show more Show less