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Hi I'm Chris

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Chris i am 31 years young, I was bron in California but raised in NJ. I recently moved to Alabama from NJ. Had to get away from all the negativity and move somewhere that i can clear my head and think straight and do what I have to do to better my life. I have 3 little girls who are my world i love them so much. I am also a new member of the church. i was baptized in Dec of 2011. Also was ordained in Dec of 2011!. I don't have much of a religious background even though i went to church when I was a kid and also when i was in the Navy but never stuck with it or anything but now i found something i truly understand and believe in with all my heart and soul. And I thank God everyday i wake up every morning and for the guidance and love he has for me.

Why I am a Mormon

why not? you know why I am a mormon? I am a mormon because one day a missionary came to my house to visit my aunt and asked me to check out the mormon.org website. I said ok and was polite I wasn't really interested to be honest with you. Me and the Lord had i guess you can say a few misunderstandings. I was just misguided. And i thank God everyday that that missionary came to this house and told me to check that site. because i actually prayed to God and asked him what i should do. and the next day out of nowhere i found myself on mormon.org and going to church that Sunday. And i prayed some more every night i prayed. and I read the book of mormon. and i can honestly say i was blown away. My aunt asked me to come to Alabama and get away from the craziness up in Jersey so i did and thanks to her i found a true calling in life. I was supposed to be here i was supposed to found this church and see the truth and not be misguided anymore. Jan. of 2011 i was in the hospital fighting for my life i was in there for almost 2 months. And someone told me i should turn to God and ask him for his help and i said no. i didn't wanna hear it. But today I am thankful that God spared my life. I had to go through my trials and tribulations to get where I am at today. And since i became a member of this church and been praying to God and going to church my life has changed so much I can not tell you how happy I am that i am a much different person that who I was and i am so thankful and so grateful for the blessing I have in my life. I know in my heart that this is a true church of Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and we have a living Prophet today, I know these things are true I have prayed about it. and i study my scriptures daily. and i say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN I could sit here and write all day. if you want to know anything just message me or email me.

How I live my faith

i Attend church every Sunday and I read my scriptures daily, I go out with the missionaries whenever possible to help spread the gospel. i am a new member of the church so I am still working on the rest. but if you want to know anything feel free to contact me! @ jerzeyblaze@aim.com