Spencer Neal Young: Mormon.

Hi I'm Spencer Neal Young

About Me

I currently attend BYU. I have a large family, I am one of 6 boys. I also have one little sister. My family is my most prized possesion. I think that the most important thing about me is that i believe happiness can be found in only one way. Every one on this earth wants to be happy, everyone yearns to feel good about themselves and find joy in their life. I have found that obedience to the commandments of God is the only way to find happiness and satisfaction in life. It really works.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family with two parents who are faithful members of the church. I grew up learning about Jesus Christ and what Heavenly Father expects of me. I always had a sense of right and wrong but never had dedicated myself to the gospel nor had I ever had a real desire to give all my life for the gospel. Shortly after I graduated high school all of my friends became involved in drugs and I had to choose if I would participate or if I would live what I knew to be correct. I chose not to participate with my friends and this in turn caused me to lose all my friends. I spent many days alone and thinking about my life. For the first time I decided to read the Book of Mormon because i wanted to and because i needed help from my Heavenly Father. I remember praying for many days and reading for many hours. I dont know at what exact moment I receive my answer but I came to know that the Book of Mormon is true and that man can have joy if he will but obey God. I have had my trials since then and I will have trials in the future but I know that all will be okay and that I will be able to have happiness if I obey the commandments of God.

Personal Stories

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

No matter what is going on in my life. I can always kneel down and talk to God, he listens and answers. I know of very few blessings as sweet as that of prayer. I would be lost in life if I could not talk with God and ask him what to do when I have difficult decisions to make. I know God enjoys hearing from us. I like this poem about prayer: I know not by what methods rare, But this I know, God answers prayer. I know that he has given His Word, Which tells me prayer is always heard, And will be answered, soon or late. And so I pray and calmly wait. I know not if the blessing sought Will come in just the way I though; But leave my prayers with Him alone, Whose will is wiser than my own, Assured that He will grant my quest, Or send some answer far more blest.

Can you talk about the missions of the Church and your participation in them?

After all is said and done the goal and motivation of the church is to enable all those who desire to live with God and their families forever so that they can! The church accomplishes this in a lot of ways. First they know that God's children need food and other basic things. They have large humanitarian projects that are funded through donations called fast offerings. Every month I(and many other members) don't eat for two meals and we give the money we would have spent so that the poor can have food. Normally we give much more generously. But beyond giving them food the church wants families to be happy at home and live the Gospel of Christ. I as a member work to show through example that; as I live the commandments my life is full of happiness and peace. I still have problems in my life but if I can show others the blessings of the gospel then the process of helping others become members(and ultimately receive the sweetest blessings God has to offer) will not be an awkward or forced conversation rather they will want to come because they see what I have and they can feel my love when I try to share it with them(longest run on sentence ever???).

How I live my faith

I think living faith is in the day to day. I live my faith by being kind and loving others that are different than me. The more I learn about Christ the kinder I learn to treat others and in turn I want them to come to know Christ. In the end Faith is live by doing what God our Father expects from us. Keep his commandments and love one another.