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Hi I'm Caleb Rice

I'm from Adelaide, Australia. I have a passion for music and education. I'm a Missionary in Tahiti, a pianist, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I currently serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints, in the Tahiti Papeete mission. At high school I studied English Literature, French, Music, Philosophy, Physics and Mathematics. Maths has always been my favourite! I love music, and the piano is literally my first love. By sitting in front of it and by playing the keys, I feel confident and free, and often it is the only place that I can really think. I write my own music, and I also love to write arrangements of my favourite songs. Often I create medleys of a whole lot of songs that follow a similar chord progression. One of my biggest inspirations would have be The Piano Guys. I am part of a fairly large family. I am the seventh of 7 children! 5 boys and 2 girls. I am 13 years younger than my next oldest sibling, and 21 years younger than the eldest. As a consequence of having such an awesome family, I have 27 nephews and nieces, which only makes them more awesome! When I return from my mission in January 2018, I intend to study Medicine at university, with the aim to become a neuropsychiatrist.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know without any doubt in my mind that this is the true church of God. After the great apostasy, there was no Priesthood authority on the earth. For this authority to return, there had to be a restoration. It took a 14 year old boy with a simple question to set the Lord's work in motion. Joseph Smith Jr. had the courage to kneel down and pray in a grove of trees and ask God, the Eternal Father, which of the churches he should join. God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to young Joseph, and told him to join none of them. In the following years, God gave the prophet Joseph the power to translate and bring forth the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon and the Bible go hand in hand - they support each other. The Book of Mormon contains many simple and precious truths, and by abiding by its precepts, we can come closer to our Father in Heaven, and His Son, Jesus Christ. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that Joseph Smith was the prophet of the Restoration. Heavenly Father hears and and answers our prayers. He is listening, and if you will ask with a sincere heart, having real intent, you will find direction and guidance in your life. Jesus Christ atoned for the sins of the world, and by coming unto him, we can repent and have our sins remembered no more. None of us are perfect, but we have the the divine potential to become like our Father in Heaven. Jesus Christ's atonement is the reason for our hope. My best and life-long friends have come from the church. As we grow closer together, we grow closer to God. By keeping His commandments, we are blessed, strengthened and uplifted, and by doing those things which are right, we draw closer to Him. I have read the Book of Mormon many times, and each time I ask if it is true. The answer has been the same every time. The Book of Mormon is true, Jesus Christ atoned for our sins, Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and today God still has a living prophet on earth - Thomas S. Monson.

How I live my faith

I volunteered to serve as a Missionary for the Church because I want others to feel the joy and love that I feel. As Elders, we have a duty to teach, exhort and expound the Gospel to all the world. We invite all to come unto Christ, and to be perfected in Him. Along with this comes a responsibility to serve. I live my faith by reading the scriptures. The Book of Mormon is a book written by ancient prophets for our day. We can pray to know for ourselves if it is true, and the Spirit will manifest this truth unto us. Often I read chapters from the Book of Mormon in French, to help me with my studies. Daily scripture study has blessed my life immensely. Youth in the church have the opportunity to attend early morning Seminary each week-day during the school term. In this class we study the scriptures and the principles of the gospel, and we learn how to share the gospel, which brings us so much peace and hope, with others. I cannot imagine a better way to start each school day. When we attend the classes, we put on the 'Armour of God,' and we prepare ourselves to keep the Lord's standards and to be worthy of the companionship of His Spirit throughout the day. Sharing the gospel with others brings as much joy as living it! The Holy Ghost is the ultimate teacher, and as we listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost we can feel peace and joy. My relationship with my Heavenly Father is of highest importance to me in my life. This relationship can be strengthened by prayer. It is through prayer that we can communicate with Him, and ask for help and guidance. Often when we read the scriptures with real intent, we find the answers to our prayers, and the Holy Ghost can inspire and confirm to us those things that our Father in Heaven would have us do.