Kal Holyoak: return missionary, fun, denmark, BYU, doctor, Mormon.

Hi I'm Kal Holyoak

About Me

I served as a missionary in Denmark (north of Germany). I study at BYU. I will go into graduate school after I finish here. I like to bike, jog, do push-ups, and other reacreational activities. I like learning new things about life. Music is also a great thing! I like good music.

Why I am a Mormon

My family was mormon when I was born; so, I went to church with them. I was baptized at 8 years old, and I have a testimony of the church. I enjoy the Gospel because it brings me comfort when I feel lonely, sad, or just down. The church offers a sense of community with support and love. It has social benefits as well as spiritual. Prayer is one of the biggest blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When I pray with faith and real intent, the Lord answers my prayers. The Heavenly Father comforts me through the Holy Ghost when I need it. I know that God knows everything-- including everything about me. God naturally knows my struggles, my pains, my weaknesses, my strenghts, my sins, my actions, my favorite colors... He even knows my name. I feel totally comfortable in this life when I reflect on His great knowledge and care. The best thing is, is that he knows everthing about everyone! I can't fathom how, but I believe He does. The idealogies of the church are splendid. Learning the church's doctrines is fascinating and invigorating. I have felt the influence of Goodness in my life. I have thus felt the influence of God in my life.

Personal Stories

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

Many times, at General Conference, Stake Conference, church services, reading the scriptures, or while pondering I've felt the Holy Ghost, and I've received an answer to something I was concerned with. I love how the Lord works! He loves me. Somethimes, people just say the thing I needed to say. Sometimes, it's my best friend who says something that's perfect for me or sometimes it comes from something I thought of because of the Holy Ghost. Either way it came, the Lord answers the prayers of His own children.

Can you talk about the missions of the Church and your participation in them?

I've been serving a mission for a while now. I serve not to force people to be mormon, but to help people understand the importance of the Gospel and it's covenant of baptism. I talk to people on the street or in visit them in their homes not to cause quarrels but to sincerely help them understand God's love and His restored church. Not everyone wants to listen to us missionaries, but that's okay. I hope someday everyone will want see what the Fullness of the Gospel has to offer.

How I live my faith

First, I go to church every sunday! I read gospel material. I think reflect about my life and beliefs a lot. I am serving in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because I know that the Gospel blesses lives, families, and relationships. I want to let others know about what the Gospel can do for us, God's children. I have served my neighbors often. It is fun to see how visiting my neighbors' homes, helping them with chores, and talking about the Gospel can help lift their burdens and help their lives and my life become more enjoyable. Keeping the commandments is a blessing to me because I do so willingly. Talking about religion helps me find where I want to stand. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to share what I really believe. What do "blessings" mean anyways? Well, blessings is a term for the things that make us feel naturally happy. The word may seem rather intense or too "churchy," but the principle is true. Blessings are the things that provide for our happiness.