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Hi I'm Nina Marks

I'm a Mormon and proud of it. I was born in alabama and raised mostly in Texas. I got 2 daughters and a wonderful husband god sent

About Me

Growing up my family was never religious. The only time I would hear of our Heavenly Father and Jesus was when I would go to church with friends. I had been to several types of churches and they never felt right. I remember having met the missionaries throughout my life but always made a excuse on why not to go to church. Then god blessed me with a wonderful man. I married my wonderful husband Jan 2011 and started having the missonaries come see me Feb 2011. And proud to say that I was baptized and confirmed in April of 2011. I am proud in my faith and knowing that the gospel has been restored here on earth. I know that our heavenly father lives and blesses us each and everyday.

Why I am a Mormon

Over the years I would occasionally run into the missonaries and be invited to church and I never went. I had always went to baptist churches mostly. When I did start having the meetings with the missonaries in Feb 2011 I became more interested into it. Some things was confusing because it was different than what I was use to. I would read the Book Of Mormon and would said daily prayers. The missonaries ended up eventually around the end of Feb asking me if I believed the Book Of Mormon was true or not and if I believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet that our Heavenly Father chose to bring the true church back to us. Well the missonaries would ask everytime if I had my answer and I always said no, well around the last week of March 2011, I knew the missonaries was coming over and they was going to ask the question again. I had been praying on it and never got my answer at that time. Well all day I was sitting there thinking man they are gonna ask me again and Im gonna have to say I still didnt have the answer. I would sit there and tell God I didnt know what to say cause I was unsure. Well the missonaries came and the first thing they asked was that question about if I believed. All of a sudden I got this calm feeling and only the word yes came to mind. I explained to them about how I didnt know till that very instance. I believe the Book Of Mormon to be another testiment of the Bible. I believe Joseph Smith was a prophet sent by God to restore the true church. I also believe that we have a Prophet alive today that our heavenly father works through. Becoming a Morman is probably the best thing I have ever done. I know that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves all of us, and wants us to live for him and testify..In Jesus Christ name Amen..

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith daily. I have home teachers that come visit often with me along with the missonaries. Everytime I learn something new. I have been able to talk to several of my neighbors about my faith in our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I explain to them about the church and answer their questions. I obey the rules of the Words of Wisdoms, which is another revelation from God to help keep us healthy. I pray daily and read my scriptures or the Ensign magazine. I try to live a life like God would want me to. Dont get me wrong I am no where near perfect however I know I have a heavenly father that I can depend on. And that I can go to in prayer if there is something I need to know. I have complete Faith in our Heavenly Father, in Jesus Christ, and in our church.