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Hi I'm Fei

I am Malaysian Chinese, a blogger, swing dancer, board gamer, an ENFP, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Chinese by descent, I was born and raised in Malaysia. My parents were among the first in their families to embrace the gospel. They are stalwart pioneers of the church in Malaysia, and a great example to me. I left home when I was 18, moving across the world to study psychology in Hawaii. I then moved to China where I lived for 5 years, teaching at an international Montessori kindergarten. Since then, I've married a wonderful man from Kansas -also a Mormon- and we live in Los Angeles, California where he makes computer games for a living. I've had a variety of jobs in my life so far: I've babysat, done telemarketing, been a tour guide, taught everything from English, to special ed, to piano, dance and music classes. I currently work from home managing the apartment building we live in. I also have many interests and hobbies: playing strategic board games, dancing the lindy hop, world travel, music, personality typing, reading, blogging, psychoanalyzing relationships, cooking healthy meals from a wide variety of cuisines, making friends... the list goes on. There are lots of valuable things that could define who I am, but the most powerful and all-encompassing thing is my faith in Christ, and the knowledge of who I am and where I am going. I love my life. It is far from perfect; I am far from perfect. I have flaws, problems, and issues to overcome. But I have people to love who love me, and because I know my value and my place, my life is filled with so much joy.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because no other pursuit in my life has ever brought as much light and happiness. There are many other good influences, and other sources of goodness and truth in the world for us to find, but none of them are as complete as this. If you want to know how to live the most fulfilling and joy-filled life, the answers are here. It simply takes work and willingness to make the sacrifices to get there. You may think that I am Mormon simply because I was born and raised to be one. While that was my way of being taught and exposed to the gospel, for me being Mormon has been a personal choice, one confirmed through prayer, but also through actually living it. While I have always believed in God, I have tried living a very different lifestyle from that taught by the church. I found that in some ways, it's easier, but in other ways, it's not. While there was happiness to be found there, too, there is a higher, lighter, deeper degree of happiness to be felt here. When I am committed to completely aligning myself and my life to the truths taught through this church, I have found that I am much more productive, much more at peace, much more grateful and much freer to to be happy. So much of the world sees things with a limited perspective. I am a Mormon because it helps me really grasp the meaning of everything that I do. It helps me see my potential, and teaches me ways to get closer and closer to achieving it. Everything in my life is much more purposeful and meaningful when I live the gospel. It is the ultimate deliberate way of living, improving myself and enhancing the lives of those around me.

How I live my faith

At church, I am currently working with the young women aged 12-18. I teach them on Sundays, and plan mid-week activities with them. Most importantly, I look for ways to serve them and be their friend. I want to show them how much I love the gospel and how much joy it brings into my life when I live it. These young women are at the point of their lives where they're deciding who they are going to be as a person. I hope they will see through my example that there is growth, joy and peace through choosing the Savior's path. In the meantime, I am learning from their examples of faith and determination. In my own life, I try to live everything I am taught to its fulness. It's not easy, and I fall short in so many ways all the time, but even the effort in itself is rewarding. In my marriage, praying, studying the scriptures and going to the temple - the closest place to Heaven on earth - with my husband really strengthens our bonds with one another. Not only are we working individually to be better, we're working together toward an eternal goal. If we work at it, we can truly have a relationship with God together, and we can have His loving influence on our lives and in our family. There's little in this world like it.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

It is important to us because we believe that family relationships are patterned after an eternal and heavenly design, that we are meant to learn, grow, love, be challenged and be blessed through our families. It is through our roles in our families that we learn most to become like our Heavenly Father. We also believe that families are forever, meaning that the relationship we have with our family doesn't end when we die. It is meant to extend beyond this life. That's why we give building our families and nurturing our family ties a high priority in our lives. Show more Show less