Mitch: Family History, Missionary, Youth, Mormon.

Hi I'm Mitch

About Me

I am currently serving a missionary in the California Arcadia Mission, but in my former life, I was a pre-med student, a member of a very close-knit family, an active seeker of distant family, and a manager of the departed ones. I would spent upwards of 7-8 hours a day doing family history. That's like another job!

Why I am a Mormon

My family is a mixed bag...I was born to a convert, and a member. I descend from many of the earliest Latter-day Saints on one side, and a whole lot of different stuff on the other. As a child, I was able to see many different fact, I attended Catholic masses with my grandmother. But something in me told me there should be something more to my relationship with Heavenly Father than what I had seen. I dont remember when I started attending, but I remember the catalyst. My mother's reactivation in the Church meant I regularly attended sunday meetings every week until now. Upon losing both of my great-grandparents as a pre-teen, I became interested in wanting to know more about them. I stumbled upon the world of family history in High School. I was fascinated that so much of people is left behind for us to find and cherish. I became determined to not only "fill in" the gaps in my family tree, but to preserve them in such a way that all people who belong to my earthly family can learn more about all these great people and their legacy. I am very facetious by nature and confusing doctrine shuts me off. So when I was able to learn about how my family can be together forever, I was totally onboard with that Idea. I know my Heavenly Father loves me and because He loves me, He sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to atone for my sins so that I may not only live with them again, but that I may one day meet all the people responsible for my earthly existence. It is because of His promise, and through His Great Plan of Happiness that I have that opportunity. I have seen the power that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has had in bringing together over 350 people I have met around the world into a place to come closer Him. I thank my Heavenly Father for the opportunities I have had in life to be an example to others, and the peace and joy my Lord and Savior allows me to feel in this life... and the next.

Personal Stories

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

I have found that Charity and Love are the greatest blessingsof our Heavenly Father. When you are filled with that Pure Love of Christ, you can feel how immeasurably great you will feel when you share that. When I began learning about all the trials my ancestors went through, I began to appreciate them. That turned to love, and ultimately, turned me to love my Savior and my Heavenly Father. I know that this is sometimes difficult. Trust me, I understand. Life is hard. Take that leap of faith and always have love.

What blessings have come through your faith in Jesus Christ?

Some of the best blessings that come to my mind are a greater sense of self. I know that I am a son of my Heavenly Father, and because of my Savior, Jesus Christ, I can be brought back to him one day. I also have seen a closer to my family. I am proud of my heritage and proud to be a Mormon. I love finding those who want to know more about my faith...that is why I am on a LDS mission. I have goals, like everyone else; but because of the Gospel, I know that my goals have an eternal perspective.

How I live my faith

I currently spend all-day, everday, working with the people who are interested in learning about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, finding those who might be, and working to strengthen the wards I am serving in. I hope to one day soon organize and teach Family History Classes locally, so that other people may come to feel the same joy that I do. I try to serve the way I would live my life...with a quiet dignity; and an understanding of people's lives and concerns, showing them the same love the Savior has shown me.