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Hi I'm Tara

I am a mother of three. I hope to complete an ironman when my children are older. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am number four of nine children. I have six sisters and two brothers. We were blessed to have my mother stay home with us while my dad had his own business. It was really wild and fun growing up with a large family. We were very free to come and go as we wish. It was a very relaxed house hold. My family was very active in sports. My mother would bribe us to play sports and even more if we won. Sports was/is a huge part of who I am. Volleyball was my main sport but I also participated in basketball, softball, and track. I attended Boise State University on a volleyball scholarship and earned my degree in Physical Education. I met my husband at age 27. He turned 30 two days before the wedding. We were sealed in the temple along with my daughter Reece who was 2 1/2. Today we have been married for 4 1/2 years and have three children. I go to the gym multiple times a week and need my exercise to keep me going. I love lifting weights and learning about the body. About 7 years ago I started running. I have enjoyed several events such as four Ragnar Relays, several triathlons, and a few marathons. When our family is complete and our children are older and I have time to train I will complete an ironman. Hopefully my husband will do it with me. The last 18 months I have become a lot better at being a single mom as my husband's work takes him out of town often.I am very blessed to stay home with our children.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised being LDS or otherwise known as Mormon. I never knew anything different. I thought my family was failry normal and very active in the gospel. As I grew older I gained small pieces of a testimony here and there. A lot of it automatically came from my parents, extended family, and friends who were all such great examples to me. But as we each need to do, I had to find my own testimony. I think my real trestimony building times started when I was 18. When I was at college and began making every decision without the influence of my family. I did not find many LDS friends to bond to. I was actually introduced as "This is Tara, she is Mormon." My roommate was LDS but she was more of less a "molly mormon." We did not have much in common. I attended sacrament occasionally and remember having feelings of not wanting to leave. Feelings of safety and comfort from the Spirit. Summer after my freshman year I went home and it was the best summer ever because I was back around the Spirit on a constant basis. I cried and did not want to go back to school but because of my scholarship and desire to play volleyball I felt it was a necessity. Over the next few years I made some poor decisions that led me unknowingly very far from the right path. To the point that it was really hard to come back to living the gospel on a daily basis. During this process though I found why I needed the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and why it was important to me. The gospel gives me the meaning and purpose that life should have. I know that I am hear for a reason. The importance of my family living the gospel is critical in my life. I do not see happiness in this life without it. The gospel, through my Savior Jesus Christ, brings to me love, compassion, mercy, and all the ingredients needed to be forgiven of my many daily imperfections. I am Mormon because I see the entire picture of God's eternal plan, the joy and happiness it gives me, and the sacrifice my Savior made for me.

How I live my faith

Living this gospel is a daily strife for me. It is not done perfectly or even close to perfect on any given day. It is a matter of prayer each prayer I give. I am a natural man and Satan is real. He knows my weaknesses and I try to beat him each day. Luckily we are given so many tools to help us win this battle and to learn more about our Savior the Lord that we can beat Satan. I start each day with a personal prayer and prayer with the kids for breakfast. I let my Heavenly Father know that I need him in my day. I feel I live my Faith daily by loving and nurturing my children. I believe He is very pleased with me when I work hard to be a good mother. I believe these things include keeping an orderly home, fixing nourishing meals, teaching, loving, playing, family home evenings, attending church, and all other motherly responsibility. I also live my Faith by being a supportive wife. If I want a loving family then it begins with a loving mom and dad. It is not always easy to be a supportive wife but I believe we are blessed for the sacrifices we make. I live my Faith mostly at home each day and in my daily duties. Though I also have church responsibilities, callings, and obligations I do my best at fulifilling to show my love to my Father. These include visiting three sisters on a monthly basis. We might just talk about life or we may have a deep gospel discussion. I hope to enrich their lives in someway:\ This is my visiting teaching. I also am a den leader for the Webelos cub scouts. These are ten year old boys. We meet a few times a month to work on requirements for badges. I also sub teach the primary kids when needed. We try to feed the missionaries on a monthly basis or whenever our ward has an assignment. We enjoy having their spirit in our home. I also attend the temple. Monthly is my goal. Being a Mormon is a daily lifestyle that is very much fulfilling for me. I know throughout my life I will become better at living my Faith.

Why is self-reliance important to Mormons? Why do Mormons talk about emergency preparedness?

We must be self-reliant in order to serve and help others. This includes doing missionary work and being a hand for God on this Earth. We will not be able to go to the store and buy food so we will need to be able to provide for ourselves. Show more Show less

Who was Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith was a man who lived in the 1800's and he was chosen by God to restore the gospel to the Earth. He was a boy of 14 with much faith and desire to find which church was true having not been baptised into any yet. He read the Bible and prayed diligently. One morning out in the trees behind his home he prayed fervently after reading in James that "If ye lack wisdom let him ask of God...". God and Christ appeared to him and told him none of the churches had the whole truth. For years after that he suffered much tribulation. He continued to have revelations and visions to restore the gospel back to the Earth. He translated the golden plates which became The Book of Mormon and he was the first prophet in this latter day dispensatoin of the Gospel. Show more Show less