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Hi I'm Joslyn

I am a frugal college student, a musician, a missionary, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I was born in Utah, lived in the South for almost all my life thus far, but have returned to the West for my mission. Funny how that works...:) I am an outgoing, independent college student, musician, and daughter of God! I was born in the church, but gradually, I have gained my own testimony of the Gospel, its truthfulness, and its great value. Though I have lead a pretty "normal" life, I do have a hobby that some may not have heard of! I play the Euphonium (kind of like a mini tuba), and have been doing so for eight years. Around eighth grade, I decided I wanted to make playing this instrument, which is twice my size, a living and have pursued this dream ever since. Before I paused schooling to serve a mission, I was majoring in Music Education and working to become a high school band director one day. It was a hard decision to put my schooling on hold in order to serve, since I am transitioning from a 30+ hr week practice schedule to no practicing or music, and am expected to return to school with my skills intact, but I know it will be worth it and that the Lord with help and bless me! Besides music, I love to read, play games, interact with my family and friends, and watch my favorite movies. My life isn't spectacular, but it is mine, and it is joyful!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I can't imagine being anything else. Though I was raised in the church, I have formed my own testimony of the Gospel as I have struggled, cried, and laughed through life up to this point. I have been through my fair share of trials, but the Gospel has never abandoned me. It has a been a solid rock in my life, something to lean on when I'm weak, and something to stand up on and shout for joy when I'm strong! Though I don't have a glamorous conversion story, I do know I have been converted to the Gospel - slowly, but surely, through reading the scriptures, praying, following the spirit, and sharing my testimony with others, through the ups and downs of my life! When I bear my testimony or share the gospel with others, the spirit that surrounds me is undeniable. That is how I know this Church is true and that the path I'm following is right! The gospel has never and WILL NEVER bring a bad spirit into my heart. I am and forever will be, a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I try to do all the things I know I should - attend my church meetings on Sunday, pray, read my scriptures, and fulfill my callings. However, those are more inward things that others can't always see. Outwardly, I try to be Christ-like every day through the little things. I try to maintain a positive outlook on life, smile, be an example, and give service whenever possible. I want all who know me to see through my actions that I love the Lord. Currently, I am showing my faith by serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Portland, Oregon area, spreading the gospel and Christ's love. One of my main goals for my mission is to always smile. I think this is an excellent way to live my faith. It shows that I am grateful for my life, that I am happy, and that I follow Jesus Christ. It can also cause people to ask why I always smile, and I can tell them. Its because I know where I came from, I know what my purpose on earth is, and I know where I'm going! I have so much to be grateful for, so why NOT smile? :)

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Have you ever discovered something new - like an awesome app on your phone or a delicious restaurant in your town- and had this bubbling desire to tell everyone know about it and shout it to the world? To members of the LDS church, this is kind of how we feel about the Gospel. We hold the Gospel of Jesus Christ very dear in our hearts. We feel indescribable joy and blessings from it, and we want to share it with not only those we know and already care about, but with everyone! We want to tell everyone we come in to contact with about this source of great happiness, comfort, and strength! This is why Mormon missionaries proselyte. Proselyting enables us to reach out to those beyond our immediate friends, family, and acquaintances to those who might otherwise never hear about the Jesus Christ and his wonderful church. We want EVERYONE to have the opportunity to come unto Christ and receive the immense blessings and happiness that this Gospel is all about! Show more Show less