Fidel: Mormon.

Hi I'm Fidel

About Me

I am married and have a daughter. I love my family. I have changed my life by going to church with my family. My love has grown more than I ever thought of toward my family and I appreciate the small things in life.

Why I am a Mormon

I learned about the church when I met my wife. She told me about the church. At first I did not want to hear about the church, but then I started listening to all the small details. One of the things I liked about the church is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints helps people all around the world in many ways. I love helping others. I converted six months ago and have enjoyed all the blessings ever since. I now know that life is not about materials or temporary happiness. Life is about following our savior Jesus Christ and following the commandments. I have learned that families can be eternal through the church. I know that everyone would like to be eternal with their families.

How I live my faith

I help others when they need help. I now am working with missionaries so that I can let my family and friends learn about following our Savior.