Daniel: Mormon.

Hi I'm Daniel

About Me

I enjoy making people smile, I love to cook. I took a photography class in school, and I enjoy how beauty can be found everywhere. I like making things with my hands and spending time with my friends... I'm also obsessed with quotes... and a few other things. I mean what I say, and I say what I mean.

Why I am a Mormon

From an early age I've had a believe in God and Jesus Christ, but it wasn't until my teen years that I learned of a need for a Savior. The knowledge that I've been able to gain that there is someone who died for me out of love, that loves me perfectly, that understands me 100% is something that brings me great joy! One is never too old to continue learning and knowing that Jesus Christ is my Savior is a believe that continues to grow and develop, it is something that I share with others because I know that without this knowledge my life would not be the same. I've come to learn and appreciate that change is not always easy, but it's always worth it. Change for better things, makes this world a better place to live. I have a high believe of standards, that I know have blessed my life, it is who I am... and I like being me!

Personal Stories

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

I'm the kind of person that questions everything a million times or until it makes sense... even then I ask a few more times to be sure. Only God knows EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, how things work, how they are, how they will be, and what is best. Understanding that he is my Heavenly Father, and that he loves me perfectly is a blessing, I can go to him in times of need and know that in his infinite wisdom he will always want what is best for me and wants me to be happy. Knowing that he is there, that he listens, and answers have been crucial in my life, he always answers, always. Sometimes I might not like the answer or understand it. But I trust him enough to accept whatever his will may be. Being able to pray has given me a sense of peace in my life that I'm sure I would go crazy without.

Why do Mormons go on missions?

We go on missions because we want to share with everyone the same things that have brought us happiness! And that is to know that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored! that God has once again given his authority and power to men to make covenants with him. He does it so that he can bless as much as he can, so that one day we can live with him forever. We serve missions out of love, because our Savior Jesus Christ died for us, so we could live with him one day. He told us to feed his sheep, he welcomed us to follow his example, and he taught us how to live. He didn't just die for the good people in this world, but for everyone, even for those out there who don't know it, or don't know of him... we go, so that they can know of him, and know that he lives, loves, and knows us.

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

I haven't always found reading easy and enjoyable, but now I do. I have been able to see that the Book of Mormon brings people closer to God. At least it has for me. In the book it tells of how some of Heavenly Father's children lived and their dealings with him, I've often found myself in similar situations like in the Book of Mormon, and I always ask myself, "how does this apply to me?" "how can this relate to what is happening to me currently?"... I always found it interesting that whenever I couldn't apply it directly to me, I could always tell a friend or someone else what I had learned and give counsel from it. In the Book of Mormon are answers to everyday matters, from the most simple to the most complex. I feel blessed to know that we have a loving Heavenly Father who allows us to seek personal revelation through his holy scriptures. I feel that He really knows me from what I've been able to read and the more I do the better I can understand him.

Why do Mormons do family history or genealogy work?

Family is what we are all about. We believe we are all children of God and that makes us all brothers and sisters. Our first parents were Adam and Eve. Doing genealogy work has helped me see that our existence in this world is like a chain; our parents are the link before us, and our children the link after. Our Heavenly Father (God) wants us all back with him one day. We do family history work so that we can be united with our families one day. So that we can be together forever. I've often thought of my happiest memories and how they have always included sharing something with someone I love, it wouldn't make sense to me that God would not let us be with our loved ones. He wants us to be happy, and we are happy when we are with those we love. I know we will see our families and loved ones one day, and the better acquainted we are in this life, the happier we will be when we see each other again.

How I live my faith

I'm currently serving full-time for two years! and so far I have learned so much from others and myself that I have never regretted my decision to follow Christ. I have sacrificed some things... yet in giving up the good for the better, I've come to see that it is so worth the change! I love being able to help those in need in any way possible, and be able to see that joy that shows in their countenance as we try to be more Christlike.