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Hi I'm Shawnterra

I'm a RM, a convert, born in MI, grew up in MS, and now MO, sports, dancing, the outdoors is my thing and I'm a Mormon!!

About Me

I grew up baptist, my family are members and one of mom sisters, her family are members but everyone else is Baptist! And somtimes thats hard because they dont understand the Mormon religion, but they have come to except what we are because its what makes us happy!! Missionaries started talking to my mom in Mississippi and then we moved to Missiouri and my mom was soon baptized and i was then Baptized a little over 8 but we went less active for a very long time because we were used to the baptist church and we didnt feel comfortable in the mormon church because we were the only African American family in the church so that was very different for us but eventually we started going back when our home and visiting teachers started visiting us, my mom was finally comfortable but i wasent i just went because she went but because of young womens I started to have a testimony in the church and started really getting in to it so much that I have served a full time mission in Fort Worth Texas (BMW), coming from a Baptist background has really helped out on my mission!! Before my mission i was going to school for Veteniary Technolgy, I have a very strong passion for animals i worked with large animals mainly, horses, dogs, and other farm animals! I was almost done when the Lord called me on a mission! So i have put that aside to serve the Lord for 18 Months!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because of how my life has changed so much the blessing that I have received by being member!! Being the only African American family in the church has been very hard for me it wasent easy coming from a Baptist background with everyone being African American and attending a church were you are the minorty, but as i continued to attend church that started fading away because I started realizing that its not about what color I am its about Jesus Christ and the love he has for me and His Restored Gospel! I have a strong testimony in the church i dont look at it the way i used to, I know that this is the true church with out doubt! My family and I have been the only African American family in the church every since we joined, and ever since then we look at that as a good thing becasue we can invite more African American families in the church to let them know that there not the only ones and that it doesent matter what color you are its about your testimony in the church and that the fullness of the Gospel has been restored on the earth and that this is the true and only church! Everyday I wake and say I am so glad that im a Mormon and it never fails to put a smile on my face to know that I am on the right path! And know once my 18 months are done that have so much work to afterwards that I will be prepared for because the experiences I will have after my mission and that i will better know how to handle certain situations! Thats why I'm a Mormon!!

How I live my faith

How I live My Faith, by sharing it with everyone and after my mission praying for oppurtunities to come my way so that I will be able to share the Gospel with everyone! And being an example everywhere I go! And always allowing myself to be converted to the Gospel!!

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

I think its important to take care of our bodies because first off they are not ours! We came to earth to gain a body that our Heavenly Father has given us, and if Heavenly Father has given me something I think I would choose to take care of it the best that I can because he can take anything away that he gives us! He didnt give us a body to destroy it, but to help it grow the right way and to be clean and healty both spiritualy and physicaly! Are bodies are called the temple of God in my opinion because our bodies are sacred to him and that there special as well, the human body is an amazing creation from Heavenly Father and it takes alot on our part to keep it working, even though sometimes we get cancer or other things that the body can't take but you have to know that, thats life and we dont understand why things happen the way they do but we just have to continue to trust in the Lord and have faith in him because he knows everything that goes on, and continue doing all we can do to take care of what Heavenly father had given us! And for me knowing that its not my body it makes me think twice about the things I put into my body and how well I take care of it!! Show more Show less