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Hi I'm Amy

I grew up in Nebraska, I live in Kentucky with four young children who I home school, I'm a reader, party attender and a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the cookie-cutter-stay-at-home mom. I try to keep the fridge full of healthy food, the toilets clean, everyone speaking kindly, clean clothes at least to their rooms, sucking the dust bunnies, and playing. While the kids play, I sort legos. Now that's fun! I love being on top of our working budget, organizing our home, making it more efficient and putting family history together. At the same time, my husband and I followed a prompting from the Lord to home school our children. With all of that, I rarely sit down during the day (and I wonder why my legs hurt the next morning). I welcome change. I pray and read my scriptures everyday. I recognize doing these things help me accomplish the necessities on my to-do list and survive each day. I try everyday to better myself and become a better example for my children. I love to learn new things and read uplifting stories. I always enjoy finding a way to make a friend's day lighter. I wish there was more time to practice my piano and take official lessons. I love music and the spirit it brings or how it can change our home into a dance party. In addition to my own children, I teach 3 year-olds at church. I'm amazed as I teach the children primary songs the simple truths there. I cry while they bounce off the wall. I enjoy being with friends and laughing. Laughter comes easier with friends and it is so healing. I love laughing! Watching my husband pretend to be an avid speed walker makes me laugh the hardest.

Why I am a Mormon

In the beginning, I was a Mormon because that's what past generations taught us. My Great Great Grandmother, Hilda Anderson Erickson, traveled the plains at eight and lived to be 108. You'll find a lot of her artifacts in the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum. I was named after her daughter. I attended church consistently with my family and participated in all the activities. While I was in my preteens I asked in prayer if the Book of Mormon was true. The impression that came to me was that I already knew the answer; of course it's true. Because of my faith, while I was in high school, I found strength to stand for what I believed to be true. I found uplifting friends who supported and valued who I was without changing me. I didn't need to feel a belonging to my peers because I knew I belonged to a bigger plan. In college, I remained a Mormon because I knew that all my choices I made would depict where I would be physically with my Savior when I died. It was confirmed to me many times throughout my growing up years that there is a Father in Heaven who cares and loves me. Most of those confirmations came while I prayed, read scriptures, sang hymns, went to class and attended all my meetings. Now as an adult, I'm still growing up. I learn more and more truth that solidifies who I am, where I fit in this big cluttered world, and how much the Savor is mindful of me. I learn more about principles taught in the Bible, too. If I just had the Bible I would be so lost and confused. I read it and think, "WHAT?" I'm a Mormon because The Book of Mormon puts a second witness on the things taught by ancient prophets. I'm a Mormon because I have felt the spirit burn within me that what I'm doing is right. I can't run from what the Spirit teaches. I'm a Mormon because I've seen and felt the truth. I have seen the power of the Holy Ghost work miracles around me. As I continue to live the gospel, the Spirit continually testifies to me why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I love that living the gospel is a whole life commitment and not just an occasional Sunday meeting. There is always purpose and meaning behind every action. Motherhood is not just a trudge in the mud; there is great purpose and symbolism in my responsibilities. I would be "gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday" if I had to be a mom and a wife without my faith. I teach and try to exemplify who Jesus is everyday. I fail, repent in my evening prayers, make amends and get back at it the next day. Why? Because I know there is more to this time on earth than waiting for the day when the sun stops rising. I try to learn more of Jesus' ways by reading my scriptures and praying everyday. I volunteer to help with office work at our local temple and attend regularly to feel of his light and love. I'm eager to serve my friends and neighbors. Seeing relief in their eyes makes me feel like I made a difference and I'm that much closer to my Savor. I try to represent the name of Jesus Christ in everything I do. Every now and then I organize an event to collect unwanted stuff and allow the community to fill their needs. The joy in stranger's faces brings happy tears. I live my faith by sharing my talents; organizing, leading, singing, teaching, and many more. I live my faith by strengthening my relationship with my husband and children. Even in the little everyday conversations, I hope they feel the love the Savior has for each of them through me. I live my faith by following through with generous thoughts. I know we are servants of the Lord and he performs his miracles through me sometimes.