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Hi I'm Nathalie

I am from Montreal, Canada. I speak French, English, and Spanish. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a people person and also I love animals. I enjoy taking care of people both in my professional life, volunteer work, and at home. I have 2 careers. One with animal as a veterinary nurse and dog behaviorist and one with people as a massage therapist. I am a joyful person who likes to cheer up and encourage anyone who needs a little lift. I'm also a cancer survivor, passionate about taking care of my own health and teaching others about good nutrition, exercise, and relaxation. I love hugs, and to have a good laugh, catch a movie, do genealogy research, read a good book, study scriptures, cook beautiful and healthy meals,do yoga or other physical activity. I love to watch people dance. I enjoy music very much and love to sing and teach myself the piano. I love my family and spending time with them. I love to be active and serve anyone in need, either a stranger on the street or my own aging parents whom I love to care for at home.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born Catholic, but my parents stopped going to church when I was quite young. Growing up in Quebec, the culture I was exposed to was breaking away from organized religion, even viewing it as something controlling that diminished people instead of enriching their lives. So spirituality had to come from my own personal efforts to understand who God and Jesus Christ were and how to communicate with them. I was looking for goodness in the world and wouldn't always find it easily... Growing up in the 70's, I used to enjoy watching "Mormon adds" on TV. Most of the time, I didn't understand what they were about because I didn't speak much English at the time. But each time I would see one, I felt a very distinct, strong, peaceful, loving feeling inside. And I would think: "Mormons must me such nice people" This helped me to invite missionaries to talk to me when they knocked on my door 15 years later. As the missionaries started to visit and teach me, I recognized all of the gospel principals in those lessons as already part of my inner beliefs. Like they had already been written in my heart and, all of a sudden, were invited to come out and be understood more fully and put in practice. Finally, I simply asked God about the truth of this Church and received a powerful witness in my heart that He has a church on the earth, organized just like Jesus Christ had organized it in days of old. That He wanted me to be baptized in his church and serve him. This testimony has changed my life and brought me more happiness and peace then anything I have ever come across with in this world. As a person, the church has truly taught me to stretch myself and do more. For others and for myself. I've learn so much, I have so much more confidence and optimism. I can do so much more, I feel that nothing is impossible because I have learn to do those things with the help of my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ. With them, I can accomplish anything.

How I live my faith

The Church of Jesus Christ of Lather Day Saints is a church of participation and I really enjoyed that from day one. Everyone in the church is invited to participate, according to their talents and capacities. So through the years, I have had the opportunity to help many people in need, teach various classes of people belonging to various age groups. From religious principals, to singing, to cooking and crafts, to survival in the wilderness. You name it, I have taught it! I am not and expert at all of those things, but if I am asked to teach something I am not very familiar with, I enjoy making efforts and do the research in order to have interesting material to share. All these church calling opportunities have helped me develop many leadership talents as well as practical and artistic talents and learn a third language. But something else the church have given me that I'm grateful for, even more then developing talents, is the growth of my faith. This faith in my life has become a true principal of action. Weather it's to change a bad habit into something more productive or pray to receive inspiration, the faith I have had the joy to cultivate in this church is so precious to me! In times of crisis, it has become my beacon light, my foundation. Even in the face of cancer, it has brought an assurance that God is with me and helping me through this challenge every step of the way. I brings me peace in spite of the seriousness of this diagnosis. No matter what, I know I will be all right.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

I never really thought about this before I was invited to ponder about it by the missionaries a few weeks before I decided to be baptized myself. Just like a driver's license cannot be issued and signed by a random person on the street, baptism needs to be performed by someone with proper authority to be valid. Jesus Christ gave the priesthood to His apostles in days of old, but after the apostles were killed, the priesthood gradually disappeared from the earth. One of the things missionaries invite the people they teach around the world to pray about is that this precious priesthood authority was restored in our days. In 1829, heavenly messengers visited Joseph Smith and gave him the priesthood authority to organize Christ's Church once again on the earth according to the same pattern Jesus had established during his ministry on the earth so many years ago. In the Lather Day Saint church, worthy men receive the priesthood authority from God to perform baptism. The baptisms are performed by total immersion, just like they were in days of old and are followed by the gift of the Holy Ghost which will be a comfort and guide for the rest of the life of the person who is receiving the baptism ordinance. Show more Show less