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Hi I'm Jill Warner Brown

I'm a Mother of two amazing girls. My job is a stay-home Mom. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I was a teenager I felt being a mother was the lowest thing a women could choose to do with her life. I moved out, went to college and realized all my mother was doing for us kids. Quickly I understood that being a mother is one of the most honorable, worth while, amazing, fantastic, awesome choice a women could choose do with her life. I love being able to care, nurture and provide a healthy, enjoyable life for my kids. In my spare time I love to sew, crochet, cook, bike ride, camp, fish, water/snow tube, snow board, hang out with my friends and family, read a book...live. I've had many calling in my church over the past years. One of my most favorite was being in the Young Women Presidency. My youngest sister was a Laurel, we had so much fun being there together. One of the scariest, funniest and memorable times we had, was when we were at girls camp. She and her friend were 'asleep' when two baby bear cub came into their tent and only sniffed them. When the cubs left my sister and her friend were quick to let us know of the bears. We 'slept' in the van that night. And the following nights brothren from the ward were up at the site each night to protect is for the duration of the girls camp. Fortunately protection wasn't needed, but to have a feeling of family with all the members of that ward really strengthened my testimony in ward families.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into being a Mormon and I went through a period in my life were I felt that I didn't have a choice in how I was going to live my life. But through the steady examples of my parents, siblings and other church members I was able to see that being a Mormon isn't something that was being forced upon me, it was because they were living their life the way they believed life could be lived. I now live life the way I want to live it and that includes being a Mormon. I have had times since then when I have reevaluated if I wanted to continue living my religion and I'm here to tell you, I am a Mormon because I believe in the teaching and doctrine taught at our church houses through out the world. If you go into one of our church buildings the same doctrine will be taught there that is taught in any church building. It isn't according to one man's beliefs and interpretation of the Christ. Our church is guided and directed by a living prophet who communes with God, our Eternal Father and his son Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ did come to this earth and die for our sins so we could return to live eternally with Him and our Eternal Father. I know God loves us and he want us to know Him better. I do that daily through my personal pray to Heavenly Father and as I pray the Holy Ghost lets me know of Gods love for me. Heavenly Father is a loving God who created this earth for us to live on, so that we might choose to come back to him. Nothing is forced upon us, God allows us to have free agency, to choose what we are going to do with our lives. He did it this way, because the other way is Lucifer's way. Jesus Christ stepped up to the role of being our Savior and God saw that it was right and so He in His infinite wisdom and love allowed for earth to be created so that we could become closer to Him and enjoy a better life with Him.

How I live my faith

I have served in many different calling through out my life. I love to teach children. They have no judgments of people and love everyone for who they are. When I was a child my one of my favorite memories is singing the primary songs. To this day those songs are ones that I sing when I'm scared, need comfort or just want to sing. Currently my calling is to teach the Relief Society sisters in my current ward. I enjoy reading my scriptures as I prepare for those lessons. The spirit is so strong and reading God's words bring insight and peace in times that can be hard. Being apart of the Relief Society also bring opportunities to serve and when I am serving others through going into a sister's home to help her clean, making an extra dinner for a family in our ward or just listening to a friend cry; I feel closer to my Heavenly Father. I know that God lives, that he gave his only begotten son for mankind so that we to may live with him when our time comes. I know that Joseph Smith went in to a grove to ask in fervent pray which church he should join and then God and his Son Jesus Christ cam to him and told him to join non of the churches. That he had a work for him to do. I know that work was fulfilled and that I am a part of that continuing work that will go on forever. I love my Father in Heaven and prepared for the wonderful day when I will see him again. I bear my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

Jill Warner Brown
Prophets that were called by God to record the things that God told them to, many years before white men came to the American Continent. Those Prophets of God recorded their sermons, revelations, happenings of the people they served and also personal experiences. When the people had lived on the American Continent with the Gospel, Jesus had come and visited them and then after living in peace for about 100 years; the people started to deny God. He called his last two prophets, Mormon and Moroni. Mormon started to collect and abridge the previous prophets records.His ultimate goal and command from God was to make a copy to last until a time that God saw it's need. He died and his son Moroni took over, finished it and lived to bury the record with faith in God that the work he had done for God wouldn't be undone. He was able to see the fulfillment of God's promise that it would come forth in the last days, when he came to Joseph Smith as a perfect being and tell him were he had buried the record that he and his father had worked to bring into our lives. Show more Show less