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Hi I'm Joe

I've been search and rescued three times in my life. My wife is half deaf. I'll be a dentist in just over a year. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Seattle, and I have a large collection of high priced snow and rain jackets. I didn't really grow up in Seattle, but if I told you where I really grew up you'd say, "what?" So I just say Seattle. Somewhere between Seattle and Canada. My jackets come from a variety of top manufacturers, each for a specific purpose (skiing in a yellow coat, skiing in a red coat). My wife says I have too many but I hope she knows which one I want for Christmas. I ski, hike, climb, kayak, and explore caves. I'd like to thank Teton Valley search and rescue, the Northwestern Oregon sheriffs, and Jackson Hole Ski Patrol for helping me out of some sticky situations. If I have two unique things I've done outdoors, I'll say it's Lake Ozette to Hoh River and back in 23 hours and the Zion Narrows top-down in 5:24. Something for the future? Half Dome (next summer) and Enchantment Lakes-anyone wanna get me tickets? Other random facts: I recently had jaw surgery I'm over halfway through dental school I make really good barbecue-salmon, cornish hens, chivitos (south american steak sandwiches) right now my son is asking to go swimming

Why I am a Mormon

What I enjoy day in and out are my wife and kids. Our house is messy a lot, and many activities are put on hold for the kids, but I have never regretted having them. Sure, my daughter came during a very difficult time in dental school, but sometimes perceived inconveniences show through as life's greatest joys. Every week I ask myself why I'm a Mormon. Normally the question comes up like a game show where the answers are displayed and I find the correct question. So the answers are always, "this is why you are not addicted to alcohol. This is why you come home to the same woman and children that greet you at the door. You have a purpose in life, you know that purpose, and it's the best possible goal to attain to." The question? Why I'm a Mormon. This is why I'm a Mormon. I enjoy the protections that come from following the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Of all the great things we have, the Book of Mormon is my reason for saying the LDS church is the true church. I cannot imagine my life without the Book of Mormon, and can say that this book will help any person who ever internalizes the messages in it. The Book of Mormon helps me become more Christlike, happy, and will help anyone on his or her way to salvation. Who would like stronger faith in Christ? Who would like more self control? Answers? Guidance? I've gotten all of these from the Book of Mormon. If you've never read the book, or if you have read it and studied it all of your life, you should read it again. The gospel of Jesus Christ is not just to keep me from doing bad things, but like Isaiah said, to "learn to do well." Other people outside of the church may have a wonderful life, maybe even a wonderful religion. I can say without reservation that without the Book of Mormon, they are missing a key part in their lives. Without the modern day prophets of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, they are not complete. So that's "Why I'm a Mormon."

How I live my faith

My wife and I periodically teach a class on Marriage and Family Relations at church. We generally go to Church once a week, Sunday mornings, for weekly services and Sunday School. Other than that my life consists of school and home. If I were to say I live my religion, then my religion manifests itself mostly outside of those three hours every Sunday morning. I can't say I have a perfect day every day but it does get better on a consistent basis, and that's how I live my religion. I think religion is about improving yourself. Belief is great, but I want to act and change and become who the Lord wants me to be. Simply put, how I live my faith and the reason I appreciate the LDS church are the same: I can repent and move forward. Isaiah 1:16-17 "cease to do evil; Learn to do well;"