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Hi I'm Don Hill

I'm a self employed, empty-nesting father of 5. I love to read, travel, and exercise during the winter. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have both worked for others and been self employed, and I like self employment best. My interests in reading and travel can best be satisfied if I have a schedule that is more flexible and is controled by me.This also leaves me more time to work with Church callings and therefore more effectively serve our Heavenly Father. My wife of 36 years and myself have discovered the joys of train travel and have recently completed a cross country trip. The scenery seen from a train cannot be seen by any other means of travel and the leisurly pace leaves lots of time for meeting and talking with lots of folks from various circumstances and backgrounds. This fits well with my gregarious personality and is really enjoyable. Although I own and operate a lawn care business now, I have not always done so. I have been a high school teacher (this is where I met my Math teacher wife-to-be), a dairy farmer, and a production foreman at an ammunition plant; but no matter what I was doing, I always wanted to be my own boss and make meaningful decisions. For many years, I stayed away from organized religion, but the birth of our third child made me believe that the children should have at least some religious basics. We as a family prayed to be led to the church that was right for us and in a few weeks we met someone who simply said "Come to our church, you will like it." Now, 28 years later, I consider this the most important invitation we have ever received because I am a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

When we first prayed to be led to a church which would be right for our family, we did not recognize God's answer for quite some time. Although we started attending a Mormon church shortly after the first invitation to "Come to our church, you will like it", it took a while to remember the earlier prayer and to realize that no other church had approached us or given us such an invitation. We attended Sunday meetings regularly, as well as the many activities which applied to us during the week for several months. We got to know many of the members and to see the quality of their character and their willingness to go out of their way to help others. (It is easy for some people to be 'Sunday Christians' but different during the week.) We found that the members of this church not only "talked the talk" but they "walked the walk". One section of the Sunday services was specifically for those of us who were investigating the church but had made no committment to baptism. During this section many questions were asked and the answers were based upon Scripture and the doctrines of the church. This class was very helpful to me in understanding the beliefs and practices of the Mormons. By associating with the members and developing strong friendships I soon became "socially converted" to Mormonism, but a "spiritual conversion" is also needed. This meant that I would have to be converted to the idea that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon was and is the Word of God. These two ideas couple under the concept that if one is true, then the other has to be. After reading parts of the Book of Mormon, I determined that it is truly the Word of God, therefore, any doubts I may have had about its origin was completely alleviated by this simple truth. With this revelation, I determined that the only possible path for myself was to be baptised into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

How I live my faith

I have had many callings during the last 28 years that I have been a Mormon. I feel that each time I was entrusted with a responsibility, it was because Heavenly Father needed me in that position at that time, so I tried to do the best job possible. Although I realize that the most important job I have on Earth is leading my family and assisting my wife in the nurturing of our children, there is still time to perform well in helping to develop the Church and its members in this area. As a home teacher (each adult male is assigned a few families to watch over in spiritual and worldly matters, and is called their Home Teacher) and a Priesthood holder, I am often called upon to give blessings of health or comfort to members. This sacred responsibility is undertaken with the sure knowledge that I am doing the Lord's work and am simply a conduit of His will to the recipient. In order for this blessing to be performed as Heavenly Father wants it to be done, I must keep myself worthy of this trust. My present calling allows me to work with Young Single Adults in a congregation that is mostly comprised of students from two local universities, as well as some YSA who work in the area.It is very rewarding to see the personal and spiritual development of these young people and to feel that I can be part of guiding them through this challenging time in there lives. Our current projects are to organize a multi-denominational concert which we hope to be perenial and to start a Geneology club at one of the colleges to take advantage of the popularity of this hobby.