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Hi I'm Margaret A. Balfour

I'm a Mormon. I mostly went to school in Mt. View, WY, then upon getting married moved to Tooele, UT.

About Me

I am 74 years old. I am a Mother of 5 children. My education is high school. I worked for the Federal Government for 27 years and retired at the age of 50. I like to read, crochet, play the piano and help other people. I am a widow and live with 3 dogs who are my very favorite people. I still have two living children and have 2 grandsons and 1 stop grandson and 1 step granddaughter. I also have 3 stepsons.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the LDS Church. I became inactive at about the age of 23 years and was inactive for about 40 years. Then, I decided one day to go back to church, and since then, I have been very active and involved. I have a very strong testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ. Becoming reactivated into the church has been almost like being a new convert. I have worked hard to study the scriptures and learn about the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was eventually sealed to my late husband and am striving to endure to the end and be with him and my late children and grandchildren in the next life. I truly believe that this is possible and that if I keep the commandments, that I will be able to be with my family in the hereafter and be with my heavenly father and Jesus Christ again.

How I live my faith

I live my Faith by trying to be charitable and loving my family members and neighbors and other members of my faith, just as Christ did. I spend a lot of time helping my family members and friends in all kinds of ways. I can't help a lot with money (although I have done a lot of that), but I visit them, or take people to the store, or dr. appointments, or other places they need to go when they can't drive or have to no way to get there. I am now helping a brother-in-law with meals. He only receives 1 meal a day where he lives, so I take food to him a lot. I am involved in the women's organization of our church. I am the organist and also am assistant to our compassionate service leader. I play the organ in our main meeting once a month. I also visit once a month, certain ladies that are assigned to me and make sure they are alright and don't need anything. And I can report their needs, if any, to my church leaders so they can get the help that they would need. I get involved a lot with the music of our activities. Both in playing the piano and organ and in choir.

Why is self-reliance important to Mormons? Why do Mormons talk about emergency preparedness?

Margaret A. Balfour
When you see the news of a potential hurricane or other bad storm, you always see people rushing to the stores to buy up emergency supplies. Why not have these supplies on hand all the time, so that when a storm is predicted, or when some other emergency or disaster strikes you are always prepared. It doesn't always have to be a natural disaster, either. What if you lost your home or your job or someone became ill and couldn't work? Show more Show less

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Margaret A. Balfour
I truly believe that we can be with our family members. I am sealed to my parents, my late husband and all of my children and am working hard to be worthy to be able to live with them for eternity. My husband has passed and so have my parents and 3 of my children and one of my grandchildren. But, I know that I will see them again some day, as well as my savior and my Father in Heaven. Show more Show less

What is Mormonism? OR What do Mormons believe?

Margaret A. Balfour
When Jesus Christ lived on the earth, He organized His Church so that all people could receive His gospel and return one day to live with God, our Heavenly Father. After Jesus Christ died, was resurrected and ascended to heaven, His Apostles continued to receive revelation from Him through the Holy Ghost on how to direct the work of His Church. However, after they were killed, members changed the teachings of the Church that He had established. While many good people and some truth remained, this Apostasy, or general falling away from the truth, brought about the withdrawal of the Church from the earth (2 Thessalonians 2:1-3; Acts 20:29-30). The Apostle Peter prophesied that Jesus would restore His Church before His Second Coming (Acts 3:19-21). Jesus Christ began to restore His Church in its fulness to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith in 1820. It has grown to become a worldwide Church with over 13 million members. It has the same teachings and basic organization as the Church established by Jesus in New Testament times. Show more Show less