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Hi I'm Amanda

I always knew we were poor growing up, but very richly blessed and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up the daughter of an insurance agent and a secretary. I am the second of four children. I went through school as a normal girl, loving the arts, singing in choirs, going to football games and even playing golf in high school. I eventually received my insurance license and claims adjusting license and finding a great deal of joy on the legal side of insurance. I have always been average in life, never anyone that stood out in the crowd or had extraordinary talents. I have always loved cooking, baking to be exact. It is not uncommon for my family to find me baking at 2 in the morning, just for no reason. Giving and service have always been a main concern in my life. I thrive and shine through service. That is my way of showing love for others. I am just like everyone else, I feel good making others feel better.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a Mormon household. My grandparents were members of the Mormon faith. Now, why am I a Mormon? Well, I decided later in life after failing at many many attempts to be somebody, that I was really good at being Mormon. It took me years to figure that out. I used to be embarrassed by my faith when I was a young adult, but I found that my embarrassment was from my lack of obedience to follow God's basic commandments. I always had the knowledge and the free agency to choose what I wanted to do, but I was failing at the agency part. I often made big big big mistakes, but finally realized that through my Heavenly Father's perfect plan, I could be forgiven and had the opportunity to make better decisions and progress. Being Mormon is an action, not a custom or a culture. Mormonism could be looked as like a culture, but the gospel of the Mormon church is perfect. Church is never perfect, as it is run by imperfect human beings...as I am imperfect and a Mormon. Being a Mormon has turned me into a better person, as I have become able to rely and put my life in the hands of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Christ gave me something no other man could ever give me....eternal life. This blessing can only be found through the true and everlasting gospel of Christ. Being a Mormon has helped me to realize that what really matters in life is where I am going, not where I went, have been or could have been, but rather who I am...a Daughter of God, a future mother and wife and someone that is very important to my Father in Heaven. I have a purpose...only the true and complete Gospel of our Heavenly Father, as reveled to us would allow me to know this truth. what a blessing we have now in day to have the true restored gospel on earth today. Without this religion, I would have never known what my full potential can, is and will be.

How I live my faith

How do I live day to day? Well I served a full time mission as a sister missionary in Guatemala. During my mission I learned what it really means to live like a Mormon. It is not an appealing lifestyle, unless you realize how healthy we live...physically and mentally. I work just like everyone else does. I watch television and enjoy going shopping, but there is a deeper respect that I feel for people as a Christian person. There is a real respect that fills your heart when you can honestly open a door for someone, give up your seat at a busy public event or say hello to someone as you pass them on the street. I teach Sunday school, meaning that weekly I prepare a lesson to teach to several young adults between 18-31 years old about the scriptures. Out of love and a desire to share the gospel of Christ, I try to prepare lessons that these young people can understand a retain in their minds. I pray often, as well as attend the Temple and try to read my scriptures. Being a Mormon is so much more than just a title, but it's really a way to exude a true love an respect for Christ, God and what my ancestors gave me...my religion. Do I look at being Mormon as a sacrifice, well...I used to. Now as I have grown in my faith and my comfort level, I can honestly say that my religion has molded me into a person that people would like to be around. I find it easier to make friends, talk to others in public and open my heart to people because of the light of Christ that shines within us. I am no different from other "Mormons". Maybe I am no different from good Christians, but I do believe that if I am going to call myself a Christian, I am representing what Christ would and would not have done if he were here. Christ loved everyone, shared and serve everyone, never drank...smoked...cursed....hated or judged. As a Mormon it is my responsibility to uphold that representation.