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Hi I'm Gentry

I'm a writer, a runner, a swimmer, a student; I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi, my name is Gentry. I am a Sophomore in college and have competitively swam since I was seven years old.

Why I am a Mormon

I once heard someone say, "I'm not obedient because I am blind, I am obedient because I can SEE." I was born into this Gospel, my dad is a bishop, my siblings have all been married in the temple, my brother served a mission, all my friends are Mormon, all my friends parents are Mormon, all my friends grandparents are Mormon-It appeared I was surrounded, it appeared I had no choice. Some say that growing up in Utah must have been easy, that OBVIOUSLY I'm a Mormon because everyone else is, that clearly I choose the right because my sheltered upbringing had nothing else to offer, but to them I would say you're wrong. I dated a non-member once, I told him about my religion, my goals, and what I considered moral behavior-he never once questioned or came even close to the line I had drawn. He respected my religion and who I am. However, if you go to a party in Utah, full of all Mormons, you will find that some are drinking, some are smoking, some are immoral, and all of them are telling you to do the same. They look at you and think, "I was born into the Gospel, my dad's a bishop just like yours, I go to Family Home Evening every Monday just like you, and I am willing to go against what I was taught, so you should too." they know that they crossed the line that they had set for themselves, and in order to justify their behavior are willing to pull you across yours as well. Every day was a constant struggle against the slow edging towards the line of disobedience and trying your hardest to pull your friends back to what was right, because you and them both knew it was. So, I guess you could say that I'm not obedient or a member of this Gospel simply because I knew nothing else, I'm a member because I saw what happened when you strayed, when you pushed others to do the same, and when you got to the point that you were probably never coming back. I am a Mormon because once the truth is so visible, it is hard to want to see anything less. I'm a Mormon because I SEE.

How I live my faith

Elder Neal A. Maxwell once said, "too often we behave as if we were in massive competition with others for God's love. But we have His love, unconditionally and universally; it is our love of Him that remains to be proven." This simple quote has put my life and beliefs into precious perspective as I have come to the realization that God, every day manifests his Love for us, but do I return that same love? What can I, as insignificant as I am, give to God? What would properly represent my gratitude for all He has done for me? I have come to realize that there is absolutely nothing physical that I can give back to my Heavenly Father, nothing on this earth that isn't already His. However, by serving His children, and bringing them to the same life-changing perspective that I myself have felt because of His love and what it means to me, I can in some way show my gratitude to not only my Heavenly Father but to others as well. It has been my goal and my prayer to uplift those around me, to take part in humanitarian work, community service, or even the small and simple of doing my roommates dishes, in order to show those around me that they are special to me, and that they ARE special to God. I think sometimes people take "living the Faith" so extremely, that it becomes more focused on themselves and where THEY are in THEIR life, but in reality it is the simple and tender spreading of Gods love to those around us who have forgotten it; to show THEM that THEY are loved beyond measure. This is how I live my faith, by spreading His love in any way that I can.