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Hi I'm Karl

I love snowboarding, music, friends, and family. I'm on a mission in Donetsk, Ukraine. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Washington state. I've really grown to love it there, although the rain gets on my nerves every now and then. The trees, water, and mountains are beautiful; it's crazy to see God's beautiful works. Although I'm not the biggest outdoorsy guy, I do appreciate the fun that can be had, especially snowboarding. Snowboarding is probably my favorite thing to do. Not only is it exhilirating, but the snowy mountains, especially on a sunny day, are gorgeous. I've spent countless days snowboarding with friends and family, and it's amazing each time. I also love to jet ski and in general just goof around outside. Other than that I spend my time with friends, family, music/going to concerts, movies, swimming in high school, working out, and video games. I went to BYU in Utah for a year and a half. I'm probably going to major in Accounting. Plenty of people think Accounting is boring or hard, but so far I've loved it! I hope to be able to provide for my future family in whatever profession I choose to follow.

Why I am a Mormon

I've been a member since birth, and both my parents were grown in the church. They've been amazing parents and teachers, and I've always accepted the Gospel as truth. But it wasn't until I was around 14 that I truly gained a testimony. While bearing my testimony one time, I felt God's Spirit stronger than ever before. Since then I have prayed, read the scriptures, and tried to learn more than ever before. Every day my testimony grows stronger and the Spirit testifies to me that the Church is true. The Spirit that I've felt in the temple, testimony meetings, church, and just being with my family has shown me the power and truth of Christ's gospel. I hope in Ukraine I will be able to share this same happiness with those that weren't as lucky as me to be born into this awesome church.

How I live my faith

In general I've always tried to be a good example. Although I have plenty of friends that are members (especially at BYU), in high school I spent most of my time with nonmembers. Many of my friends have gotten into worldly activities like drinking and sex, and even though I've been tempted to dabble, I've abstained from these things. Becuase of this, I've felt happiness and power from God. I still love them all, and I respect everyone's freedom to make his/her own choices, but I hope someday they can come to understand the true joy that comes from following God's commandments. Probably the biggest event of my life yet has been the decision to serve a mission. I'm in Donetsk, Ukraine to preach Christ's gospel in the Russian language. It's such an experience! Russian is super tough but I know God's helping me do his will.

What are Mormon Temples used for?

We consider temples to be literal houses of the Lord, the holiest places on Earth. In order to enter a temple, one must be a member of the Church and have passed a worthiness interview, which includes keeping the commandments and believing the church is true. Inside the temple we perform special ceremonies, called ordidances. These ordinances are considered sacred, and not to be taken lightly. We beleive that people that did not have the opportunity to hear the gospel on this Earth can have people perform these ordiances for them in the temple. For example, we perform proxy baptisms for those that have passed and were not baptized in this life. It is up to them if they accept the ordiance in the next life, but we have done our part to help them. Another ordiances people hear about often is sealings, or eternal marriage. In the LDS church we believe familes are meant to be together forever, even after this life. In order for this to happen, a family must be sealed in the temple. This is why many Mormons get married in the temple. If a couple is sealed/married in the temple, and children born from them afterwards are automatically sealed to them. If children are already born before a temple sealing, they are sealed to the parents too. I had the opportunity to see a family get sealed together, and it was one of the happiest, most spiritual moments of my life. They are good family friends who were working toward this for a long time. It was awesome to see them progress. Show more Show less