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Hi I'm Thomas.

I go nearly everywhere in sandals, I enjoy playing video games, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am an avid computer gamer, and spent most of my time that I wasn't studying playing League of Legends. I am consistently better in foreign languages classes than in English classes. I have spent about two years attending college. I am as of April 2012, going to be serving a Full time mission in Iowa. I grew up in this church, but I still classify myself as someone who converted towards it's message; shifting from being mildly skeptic about my parents views, to finally accepting it for myself. I enjoy talking with friends, IMing, and oddly enough survived high school without ever sending a text message. 100% truth there, I really didn't send any text messages from a phone.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon first and foremost because my parents were, and as a child, followed their example. For a time, the only reason I went was because of my parents. After a while, I finally had some semblances of friendships between me and other children who were also at Church. I continued in this wishy-washy manner of "my parents want me to," until half way through my freshman year in high school. At this time of my life, I was even less inclined to attend some of the other church activities, mainly, I just didn't want to attend Early-Morning Seminary (Church classes at 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM, before school 4 days a week). I was a tired teenager, I would stay up later than I should have, and had to, in my eyes, wake up earlier than I should have to. But during my Freshman and Sophomore years, waking up to learn more about the scriptures stopped to be a burden, but eventually became something that I even looked forward to. Growing in the love of learning about and reading from the scriptures, made me have a desire to be a better person, not just some teen-delinquent (I wasn't, honest!). And applying some of things I learned there made me happier, and that is the real reason as to why I am a Mormon now. Parents led the way, I disliked it, realized that It applied to even me, and eventually grew to love it. Kind of like that one food your parents said was good and you hated as a child but later on you realized "oh hey, that food really is good, I wonder why I never liked it!"

How I live my faith

I live my faith by first, attending church weekly, and when given the opprotunity (and then reminded of it, I forget quickly) to help other church members, friends of church members, or near and distant family of church members, so on so forth. I may not be the person organizing events, but I am about 40 minutes early to church to help set up chairs on sunday morning in our building. With my father, we go "home-teaching," that is, we go visit a few families monthly that our bishop is inspired to have us teach and visit with, to help bring members of our ward together, and find out who needs help and service for help in their lives. I do my best when in a gaming scene, to not join in on abusive speak towards players on my team or others, trying to help in whatever way I can to, as Christ commanded, and "love thy neighbor as thyself." It's not only a commandment, but it's also a good way to stay positive, because you're always trying to be an optimist. It's hard, but rewarding, I know that from my own experience. Long story short, I try to bring happiness to others, happy people are infectious. Sharing that happiness, is caring about happiness. I try to bring at least a laugh in someones life, I can't say I succeed, but I try daily to put for however brief a moment, a smile on someones face.